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Customized Promotions and Affiliate Optimization leads to 79% revenue increase in mature affiliate program

A focus on new publishers and conversion rate optimization lead to a 78% YoY increase in a very mature program. Testing and optimization are vital to find growth!

74% active publishers in month 5 with a 38% increase in revenue MoM

3 new affiliates, 74% active publishers, key strategic negotiations and major placements continue to lead this month over month growth!

Increasing affiliate program revenue rapidly! Over 21% increase in first two weeks with lower spend!

21% growth in the first two weeks, our 6 step Client Success Map allows our clients to see rapid growth in their affiliate programs!

68% increase over previous monthly high in the affiliate program during an economic downturn.

68% increase in an affiliate program during an economic downturn? The JEBCommerce team did just that.

5 Must-Take Actions For Affiliate Success In The New Normal – Webinar

5 Must-Take Actions for Affiliate Success in the new Normal - An affiliate marketing webinar from PerformanceIn, JEBCommerce and Partnerize.

What is the CCPA and how does it impact me?

If you are still unclear on what the CCPA is and whether or not your business will be impacted, then make sure to read this post to learn how to be prepared for the future.

10 Obscure Ways to Increase eCommerce Sales Fast

Bit short of your monthly (or yearly) revenue forecast? Or, maybe the affiliate program is new, and you really want to show what it can do. Better yet, your company found some extra marketing budget and gave it to you to increase e-commerce sales. Whatever the reason, we all find ourselves looking for ways to …

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JEBCommerce is now Managing the RSS Affiliate Program

JEBCommerce is excited to announce that they are managing the Enfamil Affiliate Program.

Expert Tips to Increase Sales in 2020

Top Tips from Affiliate Marketing Leaders I am sure you have asked yourself or have been asked this question more than once this year  – How do we increase sales in 2020? To answer this question, we asked industry leaders in the affiliate marketing channel how they plan to increase sales amidst ongoing changes. These …

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What is Driving E-Commerce Sales Right Now?

What drives e-commerce sales has changed quickly in just 6 months. In January, we looked back at what worked the previous year, added upcoming opportunities and potential trends and wrapped up with a “here’s what is driving e-commerce sales in 2020!” But that was 6 months ago. So much has already happened this year that …

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