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JEBCommerce Testimonial –

From time to time, our colleagues, friends and clients send us endorsements and testimonials.  We like to share those with others so that they can get a feel for us as a company. Today, Mike Allen of sent us the following note: “As an affiliate publisher, I highly recommend Jamie Birch. He knows what …

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A conversation with Paul Nichols – Niche Merchants and Affiliate CMS

Today I spoke with Paul Nichols, you may remember him from his eBates days. Paul now owns and operates PublisherFocus, a consulting agency geared to help affiliates grow their business. So in a lot of ways, he provides services similar to JEBCommerce, but to affiliates not merchants. – A Conversation with Ned Farra

We have had many questions regarding the weekly promotions. Questions like "why are they only one day?" or "Can we get notification earlier?". Ned, the Associates Manager at Zappos and, and I thought it would be great to provide the answers to you through our conversation.

JEBCommerce Weekly Update – Affiliate Programs

Get the latest information on all the affiliate programs managed by JEBCommerce. I talk about the manyoffers available at 6pm - check them out here.

JEBCommerce Testimonial –

“I have worked with Jamie and JEBCommerce for many years now and each and every program he has been a part of has been successful for us. I truly believe his excellent understanding of how to work with affiliates and communicating their value to the merchants has played a great role. So often affiliate managers …

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How do I get started as an affiliate? – JEBCommerce Question of the Week

This week an old friend of mine asked me the following question: "We talked years ago about starting a retail business online and dropshipping. I'm now in a place I want to get started making money online as an affiliate. Where do you suggest I get started?

JEBCommerce Weekly Affiliate Update March 30th, 2009

Our first in a weekly series offering news, insight and promotions for all the JEBCommerce managed affiliate programs. Learn about our promotions for LuggagePoint,, 6pm and more.

JEBCommerce Testimonial –

Testimonial from Jonathan Tanner of

10 Reasons to Hire An Outsourced Affiliate Program Manager

10 Reasons to Hire An Outsourced Affiliate Program Management Company