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Get to know GreenCupboards

JEBCommerce is excited to introduce one of our newest managed programs, GreenCupboards, which is now live on the Linkshare Network and the ShareASale network!  And they are neighbors too!  GreenCupboards is located just 30 miles to our west in downtown Spokane, Washington.  We love helping our clients grow, especially when it helps our local economy.  Their color scheme […]

Get to know the Funsational Inc Affiliate Program

Meet one of our newest managed affiliate programs –  Funsational Inc.  Now live in the  ShareASale and LinkShare networks. The original creators of printable party games, Funsational, Inc is a fantastically fun company that designs, creates, and produces party games for nearly every occasion and event imaginable. Starting with one game, Funsational has grown to […]

Why Hire An Outsourced Affiliate Management Agency – Our 8 Part Series

At the beginning of every year we receive a lot of inquiries about our fully outsourced affiliate management programs. Many of the questions are essentially asking if an OPM or affiliate management agency is the right way to go. To help address that question, we developed an 8-part series on just when to hire an […]

Part 8 – Why work with an OPM? – Well, it's simply worth the money.

We’ve discussed reach and exposure, collaboration and economies of scale.  We’ve talked about productivity, quality and flexibility.  All leading up to today’s, and our final, post in the series.  Is it worth it financially? It really comes down to that doesn’t it? Will this be profitable? What have others experienced? Will this add to my […]

Part 6 – Why Should I Hire an Affiliate Management Agency – an OPM?

In our ongoing series on hiring an OPM, today let’s discuss core competencies.  Your core competencies to be precise.  Your organization, department or organization is set up with a certain skillset, culture and talent pool.  Those things help create your core competencies.  They may not be set up for the high level of outreach, flexible negotiations […]

#5 in our Why Hire an Outsourced Program Management Agency – Speed and Flexibility

I hope you enjoyed our brief video in Part 4 of this series.  If you haven’t seen it yet, click here to see how your program can get increased exposure by working with an outsourced affiliate management agency or OPM.  (I use those two interchangeably.  I never really liked the acronym OPM, but it seems to […]

Part 4 – Why hire an OPM – Exposure

The number of people on your team promoting and working your program is vital to its growth. Having a team manage your program allows for more relationships, more placements, more new business opportunities.  Watch the short video we put together today to demonstrate the increased amount of exposure your program could have by working with […]

99designs Affiliate Program now Managed by JEBCommerce

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011. JEBCommerce, a leading outsourced affiliate management agency, today proudly announces, that 99designs has selected JEBCommerce to optimize and manage their affiliate program in the Commission Junction network. 99designs is the #1 marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design. Connecting passionate designers from around the globe with customers seeking quality, affordable design services. “We […]

Egnyte Affiliate Program now LIVE! and managed by JEBCommerce!

Wednesday, Sept 7th, 2011. JEBCommerce, a leading outsourced affiliate management agency, proudly announces, that Egnyte has selected JEBCommerce to optimize and manage their affiliate program in the Commission Junction Affiliate network! The program is now live and ready for affiliates! Over 1 Billion files are shared by businesses using Egnyte Cloud File Server. Egnyte’s unique […]