JEBCommerce has promoted Geoff Marshall as the new leader of their affiliate services division.  After an extensive, nation-wide search that included some of the most talented, successful and skilled affiliate marketing professionals. JEBCommerce found the perfect individual to lead this department, assist clients with growing their digital marketing and coaching up an already outstanding team right here at home.

Geoff started his career in affiliate marketing in 2011 as an assistant affiliate manager at JEBCommerce. He quickly showed proficiency and ambition and an ability to serve his clients extremely well.  Over the years he has served as Affiliate Manager and Sr. Affiliate Manager and successfully executed many companywide initiatives, showing great leadership and digital marketing prowess.

“We had to find the perfect fit to lead this department and we were comfortable spending as much time as needed to find that person.  We were extremely fortunate to speak with some amazing people.  Geoff just fit perfectly.  Promoting from within is something we feel very strongly about and something we are extremely excited to do in this case.  Geoff has been an amazing affiliate manager and has proven time and again to serve his clients in a way that is the epitome of how we want to serve at JEB.  Now, all our clients get to benefit from his dedication to their goals.  Not only that, our entire affiliate team has one of the most successful affiliate managers in the industry to learn from.  We are proud of the work Geoff has done and the record of success he has established and can’t wait for all our clients to meet our new Director.” – Jamie Birch, CEO

As a Director of Affiliate Services, Marshall will help oversee all affiliate accounts managed at JEB Commerce. Marsh enters this position having spent close to 5 years with JEB Commerce. During that time, he has managed multiple affiliate accounts.

“I couldn’t be more honored and humbled to receive this opportunity. The past 5 years working here at JEBCommerce have been some of the most rewarding and challenging years of my life. I’m really looking forward to continuing the excellent levels of service we provide in Affiliate Services and finding new ways to make our department even better!”       Geoff, Director of Affiliate Services

We look forward to having Geoff as a part of the executive team here at JEB Commerce. If anyone has any questions for Geoff you can reach him by email at geoff@jebcommerce.com or by phone at (800) 208-6215 x224

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