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Affiliate Manager

Posted: July 23, 2021


We’re hiring! Interested in a new challenge and already have marketing experience? Our Affiliate Manager position may be right for you! We are looking for people who are humble, hungry, and smart that thrive in a fast paced environment. If that describes you, apply now!  JEBCommerce is a growing online marketing agency that needs more talented people right away.

If you have a heart for service and are looking to continue your career with a fast paced, fun company that will invest in you for the long run, then contact us today. We strive to do amazing things for our clients and are looking for individuals who want to do the same.

All positions are remote and WFH.

We are looking for smart, humble, and hungry individuals that want a fast paced environment and want to work with some of the best brands on the planet!



  • Full-time; salaried
  • Work remote
  • 10 days paid vacation time
  • Eligible for benefits after 90 days
  • Must demonstrate ability to learn quickly

Affiliate Management Team

Reports To
Senior Affiliate Manager

Consults With

  • Senior Affiliate Manager
  • Affiliate Director

Key Areas of Responsibility


To develop and execute strategies on multiple client accounts to achieve their goals for their affiliate programs. To understand the goals, needs, obstacles and opportunities for each client and ensure your team is methodically moving towards those goals as efficiently and effectively as possible in a systematic way.


  • Team Management – Develop the Assistant Affiliate Manager’s on your team through training of JEBCommerce processes.
  • Company Leadership – Adequately understand corporate goals and reinforce them to the company at large, assist in creating and maintaining a fun and high productivity environment and help all others achieve more at JEBCommerce.
  • JEBCommerce Visions and Values Ambassador – Support JEBCommerce Visions and Values through relationships with clients and in your affiliate program management.
  • Industry Mastery – Demonstrate a solid understanding of our space and other online marketing channels. Demonstrate ability to broaden your online marketing knowledge and ability to grow as an online marketer.
  • Managing Change – Ability to manage clients’ programs in the midst of a constant sea of change, while maintaining professionalism and positive outlook.
  • Develop new and innovative affiliate marketing strategies that align with our client’s goals.
  • Curiosity – demonstrate and execute a general curiosity of each client’s goals, obstacles, nuances, limitations, competitors, initiatives and general and specific customer and business information. Always be learning about the client and how our services can fit in with their goals.
  • Demonstrated ability to build strong partner relationships. Relentless pursuit of improvement on each client program, each initiative, each staff development and how we live up to our stated values and standards.
  • Demonstrated ability to execute JEBCommerce processes and systems.
  • ABL (Always Be Learning) – whether that is leadership, training, relevant webinars, technical aptitude, skill development, customer profiles, general marketing principles and digital marketing.
  • Networking – consistently building their network within and without the affiliate industry.


  • 2 years of affiliate management experience
  • Ability to learn quickly on-the-job
  • Account management experience a plus
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Detailed oriented
  • Solid work ethic
  • Comfortable using computer applications: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and other online tools
  • Comfortable in the internet environment

Position Duties


  • Demonstrated ability to manage your calendar to meet all expectations of this role.
  • Demonstrated ability to utilize a daily Power Hour to focus on your work by closing email, slack and any other distractions
  • Demonstrated ability to manage your email “the JEB Way,” we don’t live in it, but process it by utilizing the following steps which helps battle overwhelm by maintaining Inbox Zero
    • Do it
    • Delegate it
    • Delete it
  • Demonstrated ability to call vs. sending an email to solve matters quickly
  • Demonstrated ability to manage Slack effectively by removing notifications and badges
  • Demonstrated understanding of Clear and Open principles
  • Demonstrated adherence to JEBCommerce expectations that phone calls and texts are to be responded to within the hour and are to be used when appropriate.
  • Accountability is essential to your success at JEBCommerce, admit when you need help or when you have done something wrong rather than trying to quickly fix it.
  • Have the courage to ask for help when you need it. That is what your Affiliate Director is for.

Account Management

  • Strategic Planning – Develop comprehensive strategic plans for each client on a quarterly and annual basis utilizing the JEBCommerce quarterly planning process in our wiki as well as our plan template, ensuring that all challenges and obstacles are identified with a plan to overcome as well as all optimization strategies outlined.
  • Manage Expectations – Keep clients well informed of progress on their behalf, forecasted growth and production and any potential issues, obstacles, challenges and opportunities in the future. Our client should know these things quickly after we do. Ensure that their expectations are in line with ours. Demonstrated ability to use the following tactics when appropriate:
    • Up-Front Contracts
    • Re-Enrollment
    • Saying no to keep clients focused on program goals
  • Anticipate and Resolve Problems – Work to identify issues or problems in advance and ensure notification and resolution quickly. As often as possible, identify and resolve issues before the client is aware.
  • Client Communications – Provide frequent, detailed and professional communications to our clients following our guidelines and processes established in Process.St. Agendas, call recaps and other communications must follow the system established in our wiki each and every time.
  • Demonstrated ability to say no and keep clients focused on program goals when necessary.
  • Account assessment – Be able to determine and know as much as possible, how the program is doing, how the client views the program and our performance and how it is perceived internally. This is not an “I feel like things are going well” task, this is a clear, metrics driven, I know things are going well because I have gone through the “How Do We Know We Are Doing a Good Job” process in Process.St

Affiliate Team Management

Continually and regularly work with team members to teach them the skills they need in order to excel in their position, help them identify obstacles, stumbling blocks and blind spots that are keeping them from achieving their full potential, both professionally and personally and empower and teach them to do the same with their direct reports.

  • Consistent, weekly individual team development meetings
  • Set quarterly objectives to stretch and develop individual team members
  • Work to develop the skills needed in Affiliate Managers, identify individuals in need of additional help or who should be repurposed/replaced
  • Ensures members of organization are clear on strategic intent, key business drivers, rationale, etc., so decisions can confidently be delegated
  • Uncover new and innovative ways to train the team to continuously improve processes, affiliate marketing tactics, client services, digital marketing, etc
  • Push each team member to evaluate and refine their current processes to ensure we are as efficient and effective as possible.
  • Create and execute an exhaustive training program for new assistant affiliate managers, new affiliate managers and affiliate managers looking to grow into Sr. Affiliate Managers.
  • Use the Discipleship Repository for each direct report in order to identify skill gaps, professional development opportunities and easily create a plan to improve those for each direct report.

Affiliate Program Management

  • Revenue Goals – Work with clients to develop realistic and achievable revenue or lead goals (performance goals), determining the growth that is important to them (YoY, MoM, % of total) to ensure proper strategies for growth can be implemented and your team is on the same page regarding success as your clients. Execute strategies, processes and systems to ensure reach and surpass revenue goals.
  • Planning – Effectively develop and execute quarterly plans for all the affiliate programs in your area of responsibility in order to ensure revenue success of your client’s programs, adequate recruiting and activation targets and proper alignment of our tasks and strategies with our client’s strategies for growth. Use of the JEBCommerce wiki is vital to ensure all topics are covered in your plans.
  • Day-to-day – Efficiently and effectively plan you and your team’s activities on any given day, responding to client “fires” and inquiries same day, ensuring that action items determined needing to be done in your strategic plans are executed by you and your team, frequently monitor progress, tracking and activity of your clients’ programs.
  • Affiliate Relationships – Develop, maintain and strengthen relationships with affiliates on behalf of your clients. Work with each partner to provide them with the items they need to be successful with our programs, responding in a timely fashion, educating them on our clients’ behalf and ensuring competent follow up and follow through. The affiliate manager should know all the producing affiliates, have contacted and started relationships with each and be able to discuss each affiliate with their client.
  • Recruiting, Activation and Optimization – Actively pursue new affiliates, scorecard current affiliates to ensure proper, and comprehensive, marketing on behalf of our clients and work with our affiliate partners to maximize their sales/activity for our clients.
  • Managing Your Team – Ensure your team is working on the correct priorities, understands your clients’ overall goals, pain points and programs, continue to train and develop assistants in all manager duties and ensure other team members are able to perform all necessary duties in regard to client and affiliate management.
  • Reporting & Insight – Create and distribute weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports on time every time. Provide insight into successes, challenges, failures, top performers and future opportunities. Identify trends and supply client with our best guesses as to why their program performed the way it did and develop strategies and plans to either take advantage of success or turn around lackluster performance. Utilizing Chloe for easier reporting and deeper insights.

Productivity/Service Level

  • Quarterly Plans – To be delivered in coordination with the Sales department to review program goals and make any pivots necessary. This is also a great opportunity for re enrollment if a client is pushing beyond our agreed upon scope of work.
  • The senior manager embodies our foundational elements of processes and systems. They will be responsible for keeping his/her team on top of executing processes and creating new ways to streamline current processes. Ensures team follow processes in Process Street and continue to develop new and efficient processes to maximize growth
  • Response rate and transparency – Respond to client calls/emails the same day whenever possible, if merely to say we got your email and are working on a response. Respond to affiliates’ inquiries within 24 hours.
  • Process Street – Utilize and model for your team which processes to follow as it relates to client management. This also includes completing the Friday Planning Process every Friday and holding your team accountable to this.

How to apply

To apply, email your resume and a brief cover letter to careers@jebcommerce.com; Subject line: “Application for Affiliate Manager + your name”

PLEASE NOTE: Resumes will not be considered without a cover letter AND if not sent to the address above, with subject line included as above.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

Code of Conduct and Equity Statement

Let’s succeed together.

We believe diversity is fundamental to innovation and growth, and a key component to our success story. We’re building an inclusive culture where craftsmanship and partnership are top values. We embrace diversity of thought and experience, and strive for a productive impact on others’ success. We work together, listen to each other’s perspective, share openly, have vulnerable conversations, and treat each other with respect and dignity. Each person, whether a team member or a client, is a valuable member of our work. We strive to take meaningful action to promote equity and support members of our BIPOC community. This allows us and our partners to achieve goals, pursue passions, and to discover the best version of ourselves. A diverse team achieves success to a greater degree, and we welcome the opportunity to grow together.

Diversity Statement

Differences are not a barrier to opportunities.

JEBCommerce believes that Equal Opportunity is important to its continuing success. In accordance with state and federal law, the JEBCommerce will not discriminate against an employee or applicant for employment because of race, disability, color, creed, religion, sex, marital status, age, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, veteran’s status, sexual orientation, or non-job related factors in hiring, promoting, demoting, training, benefits, transfers, layoffs, terminations, recommendations, rates of pay, or other forms of compensation. Opportunity is provided to all employees and applicants based upon qualifications and job requirements.

JEBCommerce welcomes applications from people with disabilities and does not discriminate against them in any way. JEBCommerce complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Employees and applicants may request reasonable accommodations by contacting the company CEO.