March Madness Doba Bonus Tournament

It is that time again. The March Madness NCAA tournemant is one of the most highly watched sporting events of the year. It’s also one of the top bonus programs for Doba affiliates and we are making it bigger than ever this year!

Our Grand Prize is a cruise for two, provided by Travel Management Incorporated, details of the cruise are dependent on time of year and availability. We are also giving away a $500 Amazon gift card, Flip Mini HD Camcorder and 3 Iomega 500 GB External Hard Drives! Thousands of dollars in prizes are available to win, but you have to register before March 15th. To reserve your spot in this promotion email us today.

Here is how it works. Once you register via email by March 15th, we slot you into one of the 64 open slots according to the leads you produce from March 1st – March 15th. Then you compete against others for number of leads generated during each round of the March Madness Tournament and advance if you have more leads than the affiliate you are matched against. This goes on and on until there are only two left. Register today and get your plans in place to generate as many leads as possible in March!


Grand Prize: 5 Night Cruise For Two, provide by Travel Management Incorporated.  This prize package is worth $1,500.  The winner may choose to take the cash value.  The cruise details are based on packages available at time of booking and the options and opportunities available at that time.  We will be posting more about the cruise options as we have found some incredible and unique options available.

Second Place: $500 Amazon Gift Card

3rd Place:  Flip Mini HD Camcorder

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Places: 500 GB Iomega External Hard Drive
– Selection is based on the top 64 lead-generators that register by March 15,  based on amount of leads generated between March 1 and March 15 in both our in house program and our Commission Junction program.
– The bracket will be updated and sent to our affiliates the day after each round.
– Placement is based on a round robin in 16 brackets from a ‘seed’ point of view, eg. 1st v. 5th, 2nd v. 6th, 3rd v. 7th, and 4th v. 8th, etc. all in 4 separate brackets
– At each round date, leads will be calculated from the period previous to the round to determine the winners of each round
– The championship will be based on total leads between March 1 and April 6

Dates correlate as closely as possible with actual March Madness tournament dates
Selection: March 15
Round 1: March 22 (winners determined by leads referred from March 15 – 22)
Round 2: March 23 (leads from March 15 – 18)
Round 3: March 30 (leads from March 19 – 29)
Round 4: April 4 (final 4 – leads from March 30 – April 4)
Round 5: April 6 (championship – leads from March 1 – April 6

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