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Paid Search management

No matter how much time, effort and money you put into building a site, it’s worthless if no one can find it. This is where paid search comes in. By taking the time to understand user context we can better understand what drives people to purchase online. From here, campaigns, ad text, special offers and specialized ad features will be designed in effort to help align your brand with those targeted users.

Definition of Services

Targeted ads are vital to a successful Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign. By placing optimized ads in front of a vetted audience who is already interested in what you have to offer, you can help bridge that elusive gap between “decision” and “conversion.” When paired with the right strategy, paid search ads help your intended audience find your brand, whether they’re searching Google, watching a YouTube video or checking Facebook.

But not all PPC campaigns are created equal. To transform and optimize your campaign, you must begin by identifying the best ad options for your company and audience. At JEBCommerce, we use actionable insights to boost the performance of your PPC activity across channels. We stick to the data, because good data never lies.

As you set out to optimize your campaign, consider this your ultimate primer on the must-know ad types and PPC strategies.

Text Ads

Text ads are the simplest type of online ads offered by AdWords. These ads show up either above or below Google search results and are marked with a green boxed “ad” icon.

  • Search – When you implement a search strategy for your text ads, your ads are displayed to people who search for keywords related to your products and services.
  • Retargeting – Text ad retargeting works the same way as a search strategy. The key difference is that with retargeting, your ads will only appear to users who have visited your site or conducted a search.
  • GA Based – GA-based text ads can be used to retarget anyone who has visited your site. You can also retarget subgroups of your choice, such as “visitors who stayed on the site for X minutes but did not make a purchase” or the infamous “cart abandoners.”
  • Email Based – Under an email-based strategy, text ads retarget specific people, such as the ones on your email list. These ads will only appear in searches for people who are on that specific list.

Display Ads

Display advertising is a type of online advertising that utilizes a variety of approaches, including banner ads, rich media and more. Unlike text-based ads, display advertising relies on sensory elements (think: images, audio and video) to communicate a message to your audience.

  • Prospecting – A prospecting display strategy maximizes the number of channels where your ad is displayed. There are few, if any, restrictions to where an ad can appear.
  • Audience Based – Using this strategy, display ads are shown to people based on their interests, as compiled by Google. Under an audience-based approach, that garden tool company we mentioned earlier can choose to show display ads only to people whose online habits have indicated that they’re interested in gardening and homemaking.
  • Retargeting – Display retargeting works similarly to prospecting, except that these ads only appear for people who have visited your site before.
  • GA Based – GA-based display ads can be used to retarget anyone who has visited your site, or individual subgroups such as “visitors who stayed on the site for X minutes but did not make a purchase” or “cart abandoners.”
  • Email Based – Display ads can also retarget people within an email list so that your ads only appear in search results for people on that list.

Video Ads

Video advertising targets YouTube viewers with video ads inserted at the beginning of a video, or at different points throughout the content.

  • Prospecting – A prospecting video ad strategy maximizes the number of YouTube videos that display your ads. There are few restrictions, if any, for where your video ads will appear.
  • Retargeting – Video ad retargeting works the same way as prospecting. However, your video ads will only appear in videos viewed by people who have visited your website before.
  • GA Based – Video ads can be used to retarget anyone who has visited your site, or subgroups like “visitors who stayed on the site for X minutes but did not make a purchase” or “cart abandoners.”
  • Audience Based – Video ads can target people based on their Google-compiled interests. The garden tool company, for instance, can opt to show video ads only to people whose online habits have indicated an interest in gardening and homemaking.

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads dive deeper by including a simple text ad, plus product photos, title, price, store name and other identifying information. Shopping ads appear in web searches for consumers searching Google for specific keywords related to your products. These ads are a proven solution for online retailers, as they provide a targeted way to connect with consumers, optimize revenue and boost profitability.

Facebook Ads

Of the 60 million business pages on Facebook, 4 million of them are now advertisers. Facebook ads give brands the potential to reach the social media platform’s massive audience base where they are. But like other online ads, Facebook ads are only as successful as your targeting strategy, analytics and insights.

  • Retargeting – Facebook retargeting ads appear in Facebook feeds or sidebars for people who have visited your website before.
  • Prospecting – A prospecting Facebook strategy maximizes the number of places where your ad appears—with few, if any, restrictions.
  • Audience Based – Advertisers can target Facebook ads toward people based on their Facebook-compiled interests. For example, that same garden tool company we discussed earlier can opt to show Facebook ads only to people whose profiles or Facebook or online habits indicate an interest in gardening and homemaking.

As with many areas of digital marketing, the PPC landscape is constantly evolving. But that doesn’t have to lead to confusion or poor campaign performance. At JEBCommerce, we combine the power of analytics with proven marketing expertise to help your brand grow your business online. Consider us your partner in PPC success.


“For months our site was producing an increased number of unqualified leads. This was costing us a lot of money. On top of this, the number of qualified leads was not enough to reach our growth goals. What we love about the team at JEBCommerce is their honest feedback, strategic thinking and proactive approach. They’re always bringing new ideas to the table. But unlike other agencies we’ve worked with in the past, they were able to drive our paid search costs down (by 17%) while increasing high-quality traffic to our site. The user testing project they performed identified changes that needed to be made with our site which has resulted in a much better site, more qualified leads and improved perception in our industry. We highly recommend the team at JEB Commerce to anyone looking to improve their paid search efforts or optimize their site.”

– Heather Burford, Marketing Manager, Universal Funding

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JEBCommerce Employee Profile - Jamie Birch

Jamie Birch


Jamie Birch


Jamie is the owner and principal of JEBCommerce. His extensive Internet marketing experience includes all facets of online marketing: email, paid search campaigns, customer retention programs, and much more. This wide range of disciplines has enabled Jamie to excel as a business leader and JEBCommerce to realize a great level of success for its clients.

Jamie cut his “affiliate marketing teeth” managing affiliate programs for many well known companies before spending several years at Coldwater Creek, a Top 5 nationwide women’s clothing retailer. While at Coldwater Creek, Jamie established and managed affiliate campaigns, email campaigns, and SEO campaigns – an opportunity that allowed him to develop many of the proven processes JEBCommerce successfully employs today.

In recognition of his professional leadership, the affiliate marketing industry has consistently nominated him for Annual Pinnacle Awards over the years. In addition to individual accolades, JEBCommerce is gaining momentum within the Internet marketing industry and is experiencing positive, exciting growth. This is a direct result of Jamie’s positive leadership, integrity, and earned respect – from his clients and industry peers.

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JEBCommerce Employee Profile - Gabe Ripley

Gabe Ripley

Director of Creative Services

Gabe Ripley (aka Kung-Fu Panda)

Director of Creative Services

Shortly after earning a degree in Graphic Design from Oregon State University, Gabe began his career with women’s apparel retailer Coldwater Creek. During his near 14 year history with the company, Gabe served as Production Designer for both web and catalog teams, then as Web Graphic Designer, and finally Web UX Designer. Those roles along with various others as a freelance web developer, has given him license to claim the mantle: Jack of All Trades (and Master of None).

In the spring of 2014 Gabe joined JEBCommerce and thoroughly enjoys working with the rest of the team to service its roster of outstanding brands.

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JEBCommerce Employee Profile - Thomas Henderson

Thomas Henderson

Director of Business Development

Thomas Henderson

Director of Business Development

Thomas made his affiliate marketing debut with the JEB team in February 2015 and currently leads the business development team securing deals like a boss. He utilizes his experience with customer service and solution discovery acquired during his time previously managing stores for a Verizon retailer. In his free time, Thomas is generally hiking somewhere within the beautiful Pacific Northwest along with his wife and Golden Retriever or enjoying a nice glass of scotch. His long term goal is to purchase a home in Costa Rica so he never has to see snow again.

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