The Mountain defines themselves as an eco-friendly apparel manufacturer from the moment their very first t-shirt ran through the screen in the early 90’s. Their most famous design, Three Wolf Moon® and Big Face™ tees have helped launch the brand to where they are today. Since then, their eco-friendly mind-set has expanded and evolved into something that makes them unique in the industry.

The Mountain came to JEBCommerce seeking help managing their affiliate program. Prior to working with JEBCommerce, this company noticed a decline in revenue and traffic from the program. In effort to stop the downward trend and increase traffic and revenue, the company agreed to sign a 3-month contract with JEBCommerce.

The program was not actively managed for a year prior to signing with JEBCommerce. Upon gaining control of the program, one of the first priorities was updating outdated promotions. These outdated promotions made it difficult for affiliates to effectively promote the brand.

To fix this, our team worked to upload new promotions into the network and archive the old ones. Once this was complete, we worked to activate publishers that were not actively promoting the brand. To do this, our team sent out personal emails to these affiliates. The purpose; to create a relationship and address any questions they had. Since then, we’ve grown the number of active affiliates in the program from 128 to just over 230.

Another difficulty we encountered was recruiting. The Mountain had a specific audience, so finding quality affiliates required additional resources. To make this process easier, we utilized our personal database to find affiliates that would be a good fit for the program.

Our team also searched relevant keywords to find content affiliates that we could recruit. After we did this, we utilized Commission Junction’s recruiting tool to find additional affiliates to join the program. Through these efforts our team found a mix of affiliates excited to promote the brand.

In the first 3-months of JEBCommerce managing the program, revenue was up 5% YoY. Clicks for the program were up 60% YoY. In 2016, our first year actively managing the program, revenue for the program was up 5% YoY. During this time, the program also recognized a 53% YoY increase in traffic to their site. One of the biggest wins was the number of active affiliates in the program. Looking at YoY data (2015 to 2016) active affiliates in the program grew by 80%.

Based on the initial contract, work was to stop after 3 months. However, The Mountain was happy with the results and decided to have JEBCommerce continue managing their program. Susan Hyde, Ecommerce Project Manager for The Mountain said, “our team felt the program should remain outsourced and experience a continual growth pattern prior to revisiting an in-house management plan.”

Through careful analysis, strategy development and implementation, the affiliate program is now one of the brands top performing channels.