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Five B’s of Building Strong Affiliate Relationships

JEBCommerce Employee Profile - Shane Tyler

Shane Tyler

Assistant Affiliate Manager

Shane Tyler (aka Shanerator)

Assistant Affiliate Manager

Shane joined JEB in March of 2018. While he is relatively new to the realm of affiliate management, he brings to the table prior experience in customer service and digital marketing, having run a few online businesses in the past.

With an Associate's in Arts in hand, Shane is currently endeavoring to complete his Bachelor's in Business and Communication through Lewis-Clark State College.

If it fits the category of "Nerdy," Shane is probably a fan. Whether it be reading comic books, watching Indiana Jones for the 14th time, or retro video-gaming, Shane has no shortage of geeky interests to draw from.

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Building strong affiliate relationships is key to success - here we break down five different ways to foster those relationships.
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