Profitable Performance Marketing Podcast

Jamie Birch, a 20 year veteran of the affiliate marketing space, talks to industry experts on all sides of the marketplace, affiliates, advertisers, networks and vendors. Discussions around affiliate marketing, incremental sales and anything related to running a profitable affiliate channel. If you are an advertiser with an affiliate program or thinking of starting one, this podcast is for you.

Wade Tonkin of Fanatics, Inc

Award winning affiliate marketer – Wade Tonkin, Director, Global Affiliate Marketing – Fanatics, Inc

Long time industry veteran and award winning affiliate marketer, Wade Tonkin, and I talk about affiliate marketing, affiliate recruitment, turning enthusiasts into successful affiliate marketers and more on today's episode!

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Tony Pantano talks about search marketing in the affiliate channel.

Search Marketing and Affiliates – My interview with Tony Pantano, CEO of IMWave

Search and affiliates and how all that works within your affiliate channel and your broader digital marketing campaigns with Tony Pantano, CEO of IMWave, one of the premier search affiliates. Listen to my interview on the Profitable Performance Marketing Podcast!

Diana Gee-Calingo, Sr. Affiliate Manager for Tailored Brands – Men’s Wearhouse and Jos. A. Bank

Managing an affiliate program through bankruptcy and all the issues that come with it and the keys to working remotely. Just a few things Diana Gee-Calindo and myself talk about in today's episode of The Profitable Performance Marketing podcast.
Candice Nobles, Chief Marketing Officer at Papers and Ink Studios

Candice Nobles – A discussion on marijuana marketing, digital marketing and the intersection of race, work and life

Today we have Candice Nobles, Chief Marketing Officer of Papers and Ink, on our podcast. We talk about marketing in the marijuana market, digital marketing and quite a bit about the intersection of race and the workplace and Candice's experience in the marketing field.
Dan Armaquaye

Dan Amarquaye – Affiliate Marketer, From Door-to-Door Salesman to multiple startup founder

Today we speak with Dan Amarquaye about his start in sales, co-founding Publisher Discovery, his passion for startups and all things affiliate marketing on the Profitable Performance Marketing Podcast.

Jacob Fu – On being a successful travel affiliate

With the vaccine in full distribution, many are looking to see when travel will pick up again. Today we talk to Co-Founder of, Jacob Fu about his experience growing a travel content affiliate site, getting through the pandemic, and what it looks like for travel affiliate marketing in the future.
Todd Crawford affiliate marketing industry vet

Todd Crawford – Co-Founder at Impact, first CJ employee and long time affiliate marketing industry thought leader

Episode 23 has us talking with long time industry veteran, Todd Crawford about the new channel of digital marketing, Partnerships. We discuss what those look like, how Impact was founded to empower this channel and so many other things related to affiliate marketing.