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Jamie Birch, a 20 year veteran of the affiliate marketing space, talks to industry experts on all sides of the marketplace, affiliates, advertisers, networks and vendors. Discussions around affiliate marketing, incremental sales and anything related to running a profitable affiliate channel. If you are an advertiser with an affiliate program or thinking of starting one, this podcast is for you.

KPIs, Data, and Conflict in Marketing with Faheem Dayala – JEBCommerce

Season 02 / Episode 002

KPIs, Data, and Conflict in Marketing with Faheem Dayala

Tune in as Jamie interviews Faheem Dayala, Chief Digital Strategist at Shayr Digital. They cover pitfalls today’s marketers face, the necessity of setting relevant KPIs and data tracking, and what happens when data is scrutinized for its own sake.

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Why You Can't Afford Not to be in Affiliate Marketing - JEBCommerce

Season 02 / Episode 001

Why You Can’t Afford Not to be in Affiliate Marketing

Looking to maximize marketing spend, reach new customers, or make your business more resilient? Listen up for 7 reasons why a robust affiliate channel may be the answer you’re looking for.

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Season 02 / Episode 000

A New Season is Coming Soon!

We’re excited to announce that a new season of the Profitable Performance Marketing podcast is coming soon! We hope you’ll tune in for more great interviews and a new episode format we’re calling “solos” where we’ll tackle the topics you’ve asked us about. If there’s a burning question you’d like answered, let us know!

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Finding Balance in the Work From Home Era – Karen Fong Snyder

Season 01 / Episode 036

Finding Balance in the Work From Home Era with Karen Fong Snyder

Those fortunate enough to Work From Home (WFH) have benefitted in a variety of ways. However, the mid- to long-term effects on people and businesses are still unknown. Listen as Karen Snyder and I discuss some of these issues and more!

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - A Discussion with Michele Shelton – Profitable Performance Marketing

Season 01 / Episode 035

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – A discussion with Michele Shelton CDP, CPC

On today’s episode of the Profitable Performance Marketing Podcast we talk about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion or DEI with Michele Shelton, CDP, CPC of

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Season 01 / Episode 034

Affiliate Marketing, the wage gap, the importance of flexibility and more with Julia Hochstein of Zoro

Today I sit down and chat with Julia Hochstein, Senior Affiliate Marketing Manager at We talk about the wage gap, the importance of flexibility for working moms and affiliate marketing! Listen to this episode and join the conversation!

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Season 01 / Episode 033

One Important Question to Ask as an Affiliate Manager with Matt McWilliams the Affiliate Guy

Today I talk with Matt McWilliams, long time friend, long time successful affiliate manager and now successful entrepreneur helping others turn their passion into profits. Matt is known as the AffiliateGuy and has managed very successful affiliate programs and helped thousands of individuals use affiliate marketing to earn a living. It’s a great listen and has lots of great tips for any affiliate manager.

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Season 01 / Episode 032

Mike McNerney Publisher, Martech Record – Affiliate Marketing is good for democracy? And more!

Listen to today’s episode with Michael McNerney, Publisher at Martech Record. Want to know how affiliate marketing is good for democracy? Want to know if affiliate marketing is in its infancy or old age? Then definitely listen to today’s podcast.

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Affiliate Manager Fanatics, Joe Sousa

Season 01 / Episode 031

Talking biscuits, football and affiliate marketing optimization tactics with Joe Sousa, Affiliate Manager, North America at Fanatics, Inc

From biscuits and cinnamon rolls and the Seahawks to a deep dive into affiliate optimization tactics. Those things and more in today’s episode with Joe Sousa of Fanatics. We talk about optimization and cultivating relationships with content producers and niche affiliates. Fanatics does it extremely well, so hear it from the experts!

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Beth Kirsch, VP

Season 01 / Episode 030

Beth Kirsch – VP Marketing and Growth – Pipedrive – Lead Gen, B2B and International Affiliate Marketing

Beth Kirsch talks with us today about Global Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Lead Gen affiliate programs, B2B affiliate programs and more on today’s episode of the Profitable Performance Marketing Podcast.

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