Affiliate Management Services

Affiliate Management Services

JEBCommerce helps forward-thinking brands lower customer acquisition costs and sky rocket revenue with award-winning affiliate management services.

We add $10M of revenue in 3 years for Fashion, Beauty and Skincare, Outdoor and Gear and Travel brands, as well as other verticals, without incurring unearned affiliate commission costs.

But it takes more than promises and hype to deliver success that is a solid foundation for continued growth.

Success doesn’t just happen — it’s the result of a solid plan coupled with a clear, proven system and consistent execution.

Which is why we put our award winning affiliate management services into a step-by-step action plan to refine affiliate programs in a systematic and holistic way that we call the JEBCommerce Client Success Map.

Our Client Success Map delivers triple digit growth in revenue production, profitability and new customer acquisition.

To see if our 6 step client success map is right for your program, schedule a 15 minute call at a time that works best for you.

Client Success Map

You wouldn’t plan a trip without knowing where you’re going and how you will get there—so why manage your affiliate program that way?

We’ve used our 15 years of experience to create the most effective and efficient, and the most profitable system to consistently grow revenue and new customer acquisition through the affiliate channel.

Our 6 step process focuses not only on top line revenue production, but also lowers customer acquisition costs, decreases the impact of unearned commissions from affiliates in your program, and ensures overall profitability in your program.

And there are lots of stops along the way where we check our direction and strategy based on new and changing information so we can alter and pivot your strategy and tactics to adapt to an ever changing economic climate.

6 Steps to Affiliate Marketing Success

Launch Stage

Step 1 - Affiliate Program Audit and Determine Strategic Direction

Take a comprehensive deep dive into your affiliate channel, competitors, channel vulnerabilities, coupon strategy, creative, network technology and a detailed publisher GAP analysis. See all of these findings plus a detailed strategy roadmap at the conclusion of this step.

Step 2 - Identify Affiliate Targets and Entire Team Mobilization

In order for an affiliate program to grow, you need new partners and a lot of them.  One of the most unique things about JEBCommerce is our ability to mobilize our entire company to identify all your affiliate publisher targets and contact them quickly.

Having more than 20 people working on activation and recruitment grows affiliate programs quicker than any other agency. Check out our mini case studies that talk about how we scale affiliate programs quickly.

Profitability Stage

Step 3 - Add and Optimize Partnerships for Increased Growth

Analyze the performance from current partners and newly activated, optimized and recruited affiliate publishers in order that we can optimize each one individually as well as by categories.

Receive a 60 day progress report that outlines progress towards goals, VIP publisher optimization successes and reviews and provides recommendations for publisher category diversification and ™+ partner optimization strategies.

Step 4 - Profitability Roadmap

One of the most unique aspects of the JEBCommerce Affiliate Management Client Success Map. Many experienced affiliate managers manage to a revenue goal, but do not ensure true profitability.

In step 4 of our Client Success Map, we work with your analytics team to determine what is a profitable sale and how to determine that. You will get a detailed analysis of your partners compared to that metric and an actionable strategy to ensure you are achieving profitability and incrementality in your affiliate program.

Optimization Stage

Step 5 - Measure Progress and Pivot

Every digital marketing initiative needs to have KPI’s and those need to be measured.

Throughout your time with JEBCommerce, you will receive weekly reporting, weekly goal alignment, a monthly performance deep dive, comprehensive forecasting and trending reporting and analysis as well as quarterly and annual reporting and strategic development. All of this to ensure we have the data to double down on strategies that are working, and pivot quickly away from ones that are not. We also provide a detailed Conversion Rate Optimization strategy.

Step 6 - Advanced Affiliate Partner Marketing and Longer Term Roadmap

Every affiliate program needs to go beyond your basic coupon sites and your VIP affiliate publishers to ensure growth and profitability.

During step 6 discover further partner development and optimization opportunities as well as Brand-to-Brand cross marketing strategies, mass media partner integrations, paid placement testing and strategies and advanced consumer audience testing to ensure long term growth of the program.

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Ask our clients about the success they’ve experienced with JEBCommerce and you’ll hear three resounding themes: confidence in a solid partnership, relationship with affiliates and complete transparency.

Transparency fosters trust, which is vital to any partnership.

In affiliate management, transparency is a must and it’s one of JEBCommerce’s core values.

We understand that it’s your program, your relationships, and your success. You will have complete access through detailed weekly reports.

These reports include details about each and every action taken on the client’s behalf. It includes the success or failure of every initiative, promotion, and campaign.

But, it doesn’t just stop with crystal clear weekly reports. Thanks to Chloe, JEB’s fully customized, proprietary dashboard, every client has complete access to:

  • All affiliate communication CRM
  • Task management and progress
  • Affiliate list management and progress
  • Much, much more

Chloe can be accessed, monitored, and reviewed at any time by our clients. It is unrivaled in the industry and provides clients with complete access for up to the minute reporting on the items listed above and much more.

JEBCommerce Guarantee

The JEBCommerce Client Success Map is 100% guaranteed to grow your affiliate program.

We are so confident that our Client Success Map will help your affiliate program become more successful that we offer a hassle-free money back guarantee.

Once you have received your Success Roadmap and have performed the recommendations within and you do not see a noticeable increase in your program’s sales volume, active affiliates, and other success metrics – we’ll refund your money.

Schedule a 15 minute call that fits your schedule to see if our 6 Step Client Success Map is right for you.