Affiliate Management

Freedom, Certainty and Transparency

You’ll hear that frequently in conversations and communications from JEBCommerce. They are hallmarks of how we operate on a day to day basis with every one of our clients. JEBCommerce is truly a full service affiliate management agency. We have over 10 years in business and 75+ years of combined experience managing high producing retail, lead generation, b2c, b2b, and international affiliate programs across the globe. With Chloe, our proprietary CRM technology, tightly controlled manager caseload, and customized solutions our clients experience triple digit growth in revenue production, profitability and new customer acquisition.

An Affiliate Management Agency that Connects the Dots

Success doesn’t just happen — it’s the result of a solid plan coupled with a clear, proven system and consistent execution. JEBCommerce has a customized, in-depth system that is specifically crafted for every client. It starts with an intense five-day on-boarding process followed with a thirty-day company wide execution that is complemented with the following activities, systems, and processes:

  • Weekly reporting
  • Full, transparent activity reporting – nothing is hidden – through our one of a kind, custom Client Dashboard, courtesy of Chloe (ask us about her!)
  • Active fraud management
  • Comprehensive affiliate relationship management
  • Active and new affiliate list creation and management
  • Comprehensive quarterly planning and yearly analysis
  • Annual calendar mapping
  • Consistently updated scorecards for the performance of affiliates

The JEB system includes over 150 processes that are actively deployed and integrated into the management of every client’s affiliate program. Along with our highly trained staff, it’s the backbone that creates the certainty of meeting established benchmarks and the freedom you need to succeed.

Complete Transparency and True Partnership

Ask our clients about the success they’ve experienced with JEBCommerce and you’ll hear two resounding themes throughout your conversations with them: confidence in a solid partnership and complete transparency. Transparency fosters trust, which is vital to any partnership. In affiliate management, transparency is a must and it’s one of JEBCommerce’s core values. We understand that it’s your program, your relationships, and your success. We provide all of our clients complete access through detailed weekly reports. These reports include details about each and every action taken on the client’s behalf. It includes the success or failure of every initiative, promotion, and campaign. But, it doesn’t just stop with crystal clear weekly reports. Thanks to Chloe, JEB’s fully customized, proprietary dashboard, every client has complete access to:

  • All affiliate communication CRM
  • Task management and progress
  • Affiliate list management and progress
  • Much, much more

Chloe can be accessed, monitored, and reviewed at any time by our clients. It is unrivaled in the industry and provides clients with complete access for up to the minute reporting on the items listed above and much more.

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How We Work – Assessment and Mapping

You wouldn’t plan a trip without knowing where you’re going and how you will get there—so why manage your affiliate program that way?

Our goal is to seamlessly integrate into your existing processes — not to create an additional set of parameters that have to be updated, reviewed, and monitored for effectiveness. During the intense five-day on-boarding process, we identify all of the meetings, systems, and processes you already have in place for managing your online marketing channels. We then determine the most efficient method for smoothly plugging our team into those meetings, systems, and processes. This allows us to rapidly receive and disseminate information critical to helping your affiliate program succeed.

A detailed roadmap is critical for success. JEBCommerce views this as vital for reaching your affiliate program’s ultimate destination. Do you know where your program stands right now? Do you have a comprehensive plan laid out? JEBCommerce offers you the expertise and experience of its professional staff has to focus on your program and provide you with a comprehensive, honest, accurate assessment of your affiliate program. Along with the assessment, a detailed step-by-step Success Roadmap is developed to offer successful guidance for your program for years to come.

Your Program’s Assessment Will Include

  1. Competition: The first step in assessing your affiliate program is to benchmark your affiliate program with your competitors’ programs as well as industry best in class affiliate programs. We benchmark for volume, affiliate base, creative, program terms, affiliate resources and tools, and more. Knowing where you stand in comparison to your competitors is vital to your Success Roadmap.
  2. Creative: One of the foundational elements of any program is the creative (banner, text links, copy, widgets, API, and more). Creative is often overlooked and is rarely compared with best in class examples. We review your creative in its entirety, compare it with your competitors, and provide you with detailed recommendations for new banners and text links as well as recommendations for new tools and creative elements that your affiliates may need and your competitors may offer.
  3. Promotions: Coupons, consumer promotions and affiliate promotions can make or break any program. We evaluate all of the promotions you have done over the last two years to examine their effectiveness and success. We then compare those same promotions with promotions we have done for over 50 affiliate programs during the last 10 years. Following these studies, we provide you with a comprehensive plan for both affiliate consumers and your affiliates so they are not only able to generate more sales but more affiliate participation. This includes any necessary supporting documentation, guidelines, and other materials.
  4. Recruiting/Activation: How many times have you said, “We need more affiliates!” or “Why are only 8% of our joined affiliates active?” You are not alone. JEBCommerce reviews your current affiliates’ performance for each month for the last two years. We identify your premium activation targets in several different areas. Finding new affiliates is the lifeblood for any program and often the surest path to growth and new customer acquisition. We scour our database of thousands of affiliates as well as the Internet in general. Not only will we provide you with a list of top targets, but we will also introduce you to many of these affiliates personally.
  5. Search: Solid search engine marketing will bring a wealth of new customers to your site and a comprehensive cooperative policy will help you gain more new customers. Do you have the best paid search policies in place? Are they up to date with the ever-changing search environment and are your affiliates abiding by these policies? We seek out and find the answers those questions for you.
  6. Success Roadmap: The final portion of your Affiliate Assessment and Success Roadmap is the Roadmap itself. We deliver a step-by-step guide to help you grow your program. We provide you with clear, executable tasks and all of the support materials needed to get them done, including: sample activation emails, recruiting lists, recruiting methodology, links to appropriate resources, affiliate agreement changes (if necessary), and more. You will not only find out how you compare to other programs, but you’ll have a ten page guide on how to get to your destination through increased sales and new customer acquisition.

The JEBCommerce Affiliate Assessment & Success Roadmap is 100% guaranteed to identify areas where you can improve and grow your program. We are so confident that our Affiliate Assessment & Success Roadmap will help your affiliate program become more successful that we offer a hassle-free money back guarantee. Once you have received your Affiliate Assessment & Success Roadmap and have performed the recommendations within and you do not see a noticeable increase in your program’s sales volume, active affiliates, and other success metrics – we’ll refund your money.

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