Affiliate Management Services

JEBCommerce helps forward-thinking brands lower customer acquisition costs and sky rocket revenue with award-winning affiliate management services.

We add $10M of revenue in 3 years for Fashion, Beauty and Skincare, Outdoor and Gear, and Travel brands, as well as other verticals, without incurring unearned affiliate commission costs.


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Plan for Success

It takes more than promises and hype to deliver success needed for continued growth.

Success doesn’t just happen — it’s the result of a solid plan coupled with a clear, proven system and consistent execution.

This is why we put our award winning affiliate management services into a step-by-step action plan, a systematic and holistic way to refine affiliate programs, something we call the JEBCommerce Client Success Map.

Our Client Success Map delivers triple digit growth in revenue production, profitability, and new customer acquisition.

To see if our 5 step Client Success Map is right for your program, explore our service plans at a time that works best for you.

Your path to incremental and profitable affiliate channel growth

You wouldn’t plan a trip without knowing where you’re going and how you will get there, so why manage your affiliate program that way?

We’ve used our years of experience to create the most effective, efficient, and profitable system to consistently grow revenue and new customer acquisition through the affiliate channel.

Our 5 step process focuses not only on top line revenue production, but also lowers customer acquisition costs, decreases the impact of unearned affiliate commissions, and ensures overall profitability in your program.

Along the way we'll align strategy based on new and changing information, adapting to an ever changing economic climate.

  • 1

    Develop Your Channel Strategy

    Audit current program (if applicable) and determine the right strategy for the quickest and most profitable next 12 months.

    Week 1
  • 2

    Agency-Wide Publisher Recruitment

    Utilize all agency employees to activate and recruit your ideal affiliates to ensure a quicker revenue ramp-up and you reach your goals rapidly.

    Month 1
  • 3

    Optimize Partner Relationships Through Data

    Utilize available data to review high performing affiliates, publisher diversification, progress towards goals in order to make better decisions that lead to better results.

    Begins Month 2
  • 4

    Create Profit & Incrementality Roadmap

    Measure performance on 4 Incrementality benchmarks to ensure profitable sales and sustainability of the channel for the future.

    Months 4-6
  • 5

    Advanced Partner Opportunities

    Evaluate brand to brand, mass media, and non-traditional affiliate partnerships to ensure growth, adequate channel diversification and new customer acquisition scalability.

    Months 6-12


transparency fosters trust and is vital to the success of any partnership

Ask our clients about the success they’ve experienced with JEBCommerce and you’ll hear three recurring themes: confidence in a solid partnership, relationships with affiliates, and complete transparency.

This last point, transparency, fosters trust and is vital to the success of any partnership.

In affiliate management, transparency is a must and part of JEBCommerce’s core values.

We understand that it’s your program, your relationships, and your success. You will have complete access through detailed weekly reports.

These reports include details about each and every action taken on your behalf. It includes the success or failure of every initiative, promotion, and campaign.