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JEBCommerce Employee Profile - Jamie Birch

Jamie Birch


Jamie Birch


Jamie is the owner and principal of JEBCommerce. His extensive Internet marketing experience includes all facets of online marketing: email, paid search campaigns, customer retention programs, and much more. This wide range of disciplines has enabled Jamie to excel as a business leader and JEBCommerce to realize a great level of success for its clients.

Jamie cut his “affiliate marketing teeth” managing affiliate programs for many well known companies before spending several years at Coldwater Creek, a Top 5 nationwide women’s clothing retailer. While at Coldwater Creek, Jamie established and managed affiliate campaigns, email campaigns, and SEO campaigns – an opportunity that allowed him to develop many of the proven processes JEBCommerce successfully employs today.

In recognition of his professional leadership, the affiliate marketing industry has consistently nominated him for Annual Pinnacle Awards over the years. In addition to individual accolades, JEBCommerce is gaining momentum within the Internet marketing industry and is experiencing positive, exciting growth. This is a direct result of Jamie’s positive leadership, integrity, and earned respect – from his clients and industry peers.

  • Email:
  • Phone:1 (800) 208-6215 ext.226
  • Skype:jamiee.birch
JEBCommerce Employee Profile - Jon Goodwin

Jon Goodwin

Director of Affiliate Marketing

Jon Goodwin (aka Jonny B Good)

Director of Affiliate Marketing

Jonathan graduated from Eastern Washington University in 2008 with a Business Administration degree. Before starting at JEBCommerce in November 2010 he was highly successful in the business-to-business sales arena. He has a strong background in client management and excels in affiliate marketing management. Over the course of the last 4 years at JEB, he has experience with top IR500 accounts and local clients as well. In his spare time he loves to spend time with family. He’s a fitness junkie, football fanatic, snowboarder, plays guitar, and just learned how to golf. Jonathan currently is the Director of Accounts overseeing the Bodybuildling.com, Eastern Mountain Sports, Johnston & Murphy, Ouidad, TravelSmith, Shinola, DownEast, and Bulu Box.

  • Email:
  • Phone:1 (800) 208-6215 ext.213
JEBCommerce Employee Profile - Ed Reese

Ed Reese

Director of Analytics, Optimization and Search

Ed Reese

Director of Analytics, Optimization and Search

Ed has been helping companies improve their online marketing efforts for the past ten years. His experience includes advising major brands, agencies, universities, ecommerce companies, and nonprofits. He’s a Faculty Member at LocalU, an Adjunct Professor of Digital Marketing at Gonzaga University and speaks nationally on analytics and online marketing.

  • Email:
  • Phone:1 (800) 208-6215 ext.231
JEBCommerce Employee Profile - Gabe Ripley

Gabe Ripley

Director of Creative Services

Gabe Ripley (aka Kung-Fu Panda)

Director of Creative Services

Shortly after earning a degree in Graphic Design from Oregon State University, Gabe began his career with women’s apparel retailer Coldwater Creek. During his near 14 year history with the company, Gabe served as Production Designer for both web and catalog teams, then as Web Graphic Designer, and finally Web UX Designer. Those roles along with various others as a freelance web developer, has given him license to claim the mantle: Jack of All Trades (and Master of None).

In the spring of 2014 Gabe joined JEBCommerce and thoroughly enjoys working with the rest of the team to service its roster of outstanding brands.

  • Email:
  • Phone:1 (800) 208-6215 ext.206
  • Skype:gabe.ripley

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