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How to Detect Brand Bidding in Affiliate Marketing - JEBCommerce

How to Detect Brand Bidding in Affiliate Marketing

Are affiliates bidding on your brand in search engines? Learn how to find out here.
Affiliate Brand Bidding Best Practices - JEBCommerce

Affiliate Brand Bidding Best Practices

How you allow affiliates to engage in paid search activity on your behalf is an important question. Check out these affiliate marketing best practices.
Affiliate Marketing Trademark Bidding - JEBCommerce

Affiliate Marketing Guide to Trademark Bidding

There are many different strategies affiliate partners use to promote an advertiser’s brand, product or seasonal promotions. One of the pro-level strategies affiliates use is trademark bidding. JEBCommerce shares insider tips in this ultimate guide to Affiliate Marketing trademark bidding. Why Trademark Bidding? There are 5 main reasons advertisers engage in Trademark Bidding: Aggressively targeting […]

Protect Your Brand from Affiliate Hijacking

Who is keeping an eye on your brand trademark terms in paid search? Brand trademark terms are proven click-drivers, so you can bet other advertisers are looking for ways to use them. And they won’t be kind enough to ask your permission. Ad hijacking is when an affiliate runs ads that look identical to the […]
Allowing affiliates to bid on trademark terms (TM+) could boost program performance - JEBCommerce

Why You NEED Affiliates Bidding on TM+

If you aren’t allowing Affiliates to bid on TM+ keywords, you could be missing out on incremental revenue in your Affiliate program.