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Information about the Funsational program is coming soon!

Program info

Funsational is no longer an actively managed client.

During the selection process we interviewed several companies. When we decided to make the switch from an in-house affiliate manager to an outsourced affiliate management company some of our top concerns were how would the firm maintain and ultimately increase the momentum we have built up? How well would they integrate into our company and become part of our extended marketing team? And probably most importantly would it translate to additional revenue?

After meeting with Jamie and his team, the answers to all those questions became very clear. JEBCommerce has made the switch painless. They have been able to analyze our current situation, make recommendations, and ultimately implement those recommendations in a very timely manner, all while maintaining our current program momentum and becoming a key piece of our marketing team. The relationships that we are making now with JEB will no doubt put Funsational in a great position for future growth and create a very profitable long-term partnership with JEBCommerce.

Rick Pieczonka, CEO & Co-Founder