Overstock Drugstore


Overstock Drugstore

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Information about the Overstock Drugstore program is coming soon!

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Overstock Drugstore is no longer an actively managed client.

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They’ve recruited lots of productive new affiliates, helped us discover and fix a tracking problem that was hurting our program, and provided several ideas for improving our affiliate program and our site. The stellar communication and transparency from JEB makes it easy to know exactly what they’re doing for me and helps us see how we can work together to constantly grow and improve. But at the end of the day, it really comes down to the numbers and JEB has excelled there as well. In the first four months they nearly quadrupled our affiliate sales and we still think there’s plenty of room to grow. I would highly recommend JEBCommerce to anyone who’s looking for help with their affiliate program.

Clark Winegar, Director of Marketing