JEBCommerce is Now Managing the TravelSmith Affiliate Program!


JEBCommerce is so excited to announce that we are now managing the TravelSmith affiliate program.

About TravelSmith:

We started TravelSmith in 1992 with one compelling mission: to make travel as hassle-free and pleasurable as possible. Drawing on our resources and inspirations from around the globe, we set out to provide goods that make the journey smoother and simpler, lighter and more convenient.  We found wrinkle-resistant fabrics – both natural and high-performance – that look great after being stuffed in a suitcase for a week or worn on the redeye overnight. And we hired like-minded travelers with a passion for sharing their knowledge and experience.

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TravelSmith is very excited to take its affiliate program to the next level with the JEBCommerce team. Their knowledge, expertise, and professionalism make us confident that together we can exceed our digital marketing goals.

Matt Thompson
Digital Marketing Manager | TravelSmith

“I’m so thrilled to be working with the TravelSmith team.  Since 1992, they have been exceptional in their quality of products they deliver to their consumers.  Being an avid traveler, I know that it’s a pain to be away from the comfort of your home, but with TravelSmith, they’ve made it easier traveling by developing lightweight accessories, easy-care clothing, and innovative accessories to make you more secure and comfortable when traveling. “

Jonathan Goodwin
Director of Accounts | JEBCommerce

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TravelSmith affiliate program details:

  • 8% Commissions and VIP rates available
  • 30 day cookie
  • High converting offers
  • Pro-active account management
  • $60.55 EPC
  • Impact Radius Network

Become a TravelSmith affiliate! Click Here!

Contact the TravelSmith affiliate team!

Director of Accounts
Jonathan Goodwin

Affiliate Manager
Geoff Marshall

Assistant Manager
Tyler Johnson


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