Affiliate Management

Is your affiliate program optimized for profitability, incrementality, and scalability? Answer the questions below for a detailed report highlighting the areas that are well positioned for profitability and those that are not.


Having the right technology is the foundation of any affiliate program. Not all networks and platforms are the same and how you use their tools is crucial.


The lifeblood of any affiliate marketing channel. How you work with them and their metrics are a great indication of profitability.


What you provide to your affiliate partners can lead to incremental sales or affiliates simply bringing sales you would have already had.

Internal Resources

Inadequate or the wrong type of resources can make it difficult to mange, scale and measure an affiliate program’s profitability.

Commission Structure

What you pay out to your affiliate partners can lead to incrementality and profitability or can hurt it.

Available Data

Whether or not you have access to great data and can interpret it can lead to success or failure.

Profitability Measurement

Each brand measures and defines profit differently, some don’t at all. How you measure it is another cornerstone of affiliate marketing success.

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