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Get the customer acquisition strategies your competitors are using to reduce cost and increase revenue.

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Advanced Commission Structures

Learn which commission structures reduce cost and increase ROAS.

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Innovative Technology

Make sure you are only paying for sales that are truly incremental.

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Promotional Structures and Planning

How to plan promotional calendars that reduce affiliate channel costs.

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Efforts in year 1 produced a 46% increase in ROI through the channel and a 31% overall cost reduction

For practical advice on how to scale up revenue,
download “The Cost of Customer Acquisition.”

The Cost of Customer Acquisition - JEBCommerce Ebook
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"Like most other companies, we at look to increase profitability through our marketing channels. However, our company also strives to change as many lives as possible, where revenue is not always the most important metric. Especially within our customer acquisition channels, we greatly value tools and ideas that allow us to constantly reach new customers and demonstrate the multitude of resources our company has to offer. Our partnership with JEBCommerce has allowed us to achieve success with each one of these targets, as we have witnessed productivity in new customer acquisition, site traffic, profitability, and continued progress with flexible and unique promotion/product schedules. "

Hank Kvamme, Affiliate Marketing Manager,

"JEB provide expertise in affiliates landscape not just as an agency but a true business partner. Their team becomes an extension of the in-house digital marketing team. With the channel expertise not only do they do a great job of providing guidance in the affiliates landscape they are able to learn the business quickly so they only provide opportunities that make sense and help move the needle on the bottom line. "

Faheem Dayala, Director of Digital Marketing, Silver Jeans
2019 Pinnacle Awards OPM/Agency of the Year - JEBCommerce