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JEBCommerce is now managing the FOCL Affiliate Program at Impact

FOCL delivers high-quality CBD products that work. They understand how important it is for consumers to know exactly what they’re putting into their body and what it will do. FOCL’s promise is to always be transparent with their products and prioritize certifications and testing.

FOCL offers premium CBD products to aid in Focus, Sleep, Relaxation, Recovery and Immunity. Whether consumers prefer Gummies, Drops or Topicals, FOCL has exactly the right product! And best of all, FOCL products are top-rated when it comes to taste.

After learning about FOCL’s high-quality products, fantastic customer service, great management and an affiliate program that truly rewards affiliates, JEBCommerce jumped at the chance to work with FOCL.

If you have a website, blog, podcast or social media page, you can earn commissions on sales referred to The FOCL affiliate program is hosted on the Impact affiliate network.

“FOCL is a great company to partner with! When it comes to CBD brands, consumers want to know that what goes into the products is high-quality and has been tested. FOCL hits the mark on both accounts. This is an exciting opportunity for both JEBCommerce and FOCL to create the premier CBD affiliate program.”

Chris Park, Senior Affiliate Manager

Why Should publishers join the program?

  • The Impact sign up process is simple and there are no fees to join the program.
  • You earn a 25% commission on new customer sales, and 10% commission on sales to returning customers.
  • You’ll have access to special offers and brand updates to share with your site visitors.
  • JEBCommerce’s dedicated program management team is available to help you with all your affiliate program questions and needs.

How to get Started

If you are interested in learning more about the FOCL affiliate program or Impact, or have any questions, simply email us at

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