ONEBLADE Affiliate Program Now Live!

The OneBlade affiliate program is live on the Pepperjam network and we are looking for new affiliates.

About OneBlade:

OneBlade is the first company in decades to introduce real innovation to the shaving market. Spending multiple years and millions of dollars in research and development, their team of world-class designers and engineers tested thousands of iterations of razor prototypes in pursuit of a system that could provide the perfect shave, every time. OneBlade offers a complete shaving system to deliver the closeness and efficiency of a straight razor shave and the convenience and comfort of a cartridge razor shave. Ultimately, OneBlade successfully developed this patent-pending and now award-winning razor, for which they have sold thousands of units to men across the world. The team is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and the new CORE Razor is proudly made in the USA.

About the OneBlade® Razor:

The head geometry of the OneBlade® Razor is an open framework, designed to be easy to rinse and maintain. OneBlade uses single-edged Japanese blades, made by the finest shaving blade maker in the world. The loading and unloading of this blade was a carefully considered user experience: the blade is slipped into an opening in the rear of the razor head and snaps into place with an audible click.

The open handle design allows for a substantial handle volume while still maintaining a proper weight and balance. In addition, the OneBlade® Razor has a unique suspension and head geometry that provides safety and comfort to complement an incredibly sharp and pure blade edge. “To our knowledge, there’s no other razor on Earth manufactured this way, with this process, and with such care and precision,” explains CEO Tod Barrett. “We’ve designed OneBlade for the kind of guy who values quality.”

Join the OneBlade affiliate program on Pepperjam today! Click here!

“We’re excited to be working with the team at OneBlade and to be managing their affiliate program! The program is now live on the Pepperjam network, please contact us today if you are interested in being part of the program.”

Kristin Wardwell – Affiliate Manager | JEBCommerce

OneBlade affiliate program details:

  • Earn 4-8% Commission
  • VIP Rates Available
  • 45 Day Cookie
  • Dedicated Account Management

Contact the OneBlade affiliate team to learn more about this exciting opportunity!

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