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We pride ourselves on strong client partnerships fueled by undeniable results. But don’t just take our word for it; check out these case studies for a glimpse into how we help leading online brands boost their online performance.

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Case Study: The Power of Collaboration and Partnership – JEBCommerce

Travel Case Study: The Power of Collaboration and Partnership

Overview Over the past 15 years, travel companies continued to find new ways in connecting with consumers to be a ...
Case Study: The Collaborative Effort Behind Surgent's Affiliate Turnaround Story – JEBCommerce

The Collaborative Effort Behind Surgent’s Affiliate Turnaround Story

Overview Surgent Accounting & Financial Education (Surgent) is a leading provider of certification exam preparation and continuing education courses for ...

Successful Travel Affiliate Marketing Management

There is no way to overestimate the impact that 2020 and the COVID pandemic has had on our global health ...

Rapid affiliate program launch growth with JEBCommerce and LinkConnector

launching an affiliate program and waiting six months or more to reach your goals can be [...] frustrating, not to ...
Beauty and Skincare case study - JEBCommerce

Beauty and Skincare

While many retail categories either shrink or find it difficult to grow, the beauty and skincare vertical continues to buck ...
New to File Affiliate Strategy Leads to Increased Sales

New to File Affiliate Strategy

An online health and fitness brand with 50M visitors each month had been successfully managing its affiliate program in-house. However, ...