Influencer Affiliate Strategy is a well-known online retailer of sports, dietary and body building supplements. The companies focus is on changing people’s lives. To accomplish this, has a team dedicated to publishing workout routines, healthy recipes, nutritional tips and other relevant content.

By doing this, has created a community focused on achieving healthier lifestyles.’s primary focus for their affiliate program is acquisition and new customers. This in turn was JEBCommerce’s focus when assisting to manage the program. To do this, our publisher development team looked at ways we could tap into a new customer base.

Menfluential was a brand that we partnered with in the past. Terry, the President of Menfluential has been very helpful in pairing influencers he works with to create custom campaigns for each of our clients.

After evaluating Menfluential’s portfolio of influencers, we decided to work with Aaron Marino of Alpha M. The team felt Aaron was a great fit for as he has a passion for health and fitness.

Before creating Alpha M, Aaron owned his own gym and has won multiple fitness competitions. Along with his experience, Aaron brought to an audience of 2.6 million primarily male followers who had an interest in fitness.

Remember,’s primary goal going into this campaign was to acquire new customers. Specifically, they wanted to achieve a 20% new to file rate as well as a 2X return on investment for this campaign to be deemed as successful. To accomplish this, Aaron created a video called “The 10 Best Supplements to Build a BETTER Body.”

The 10 Best Supplements to Build a BETTER Body


Alpha M promoted this video on his website ( 1 day before launching it on his YouTube channel. On the first day alone, the video generated 50% of’s daily affiliate traffic. Of the orders generated on the first day, 72% were new customers to

Once the video was launched on YouTube, traffic and revenue soared. To date (1/23/17 – 6/5/17), according to metrics in Pepperjam, has seen an 8X return on investment. New to file rate has remained high at 65%, exceeding’s goal. was ecstatic with the results of the campaign. Building influencer relationships takes time and strategy. Our publisher development team made this process easy for our client.

We always look for opportunities to leverage these relationships to help grow client programs. Through careful consideration in choosing the right influencer our team coordinated another successful campaign.