JEBCommerce Vs. Network Management

Case Study
in Brief

Discover how JEBCommerce went head-to-head with a network managed affiliate program showcasing the value of agency management, driving 4x the revenue during the same time period.

Company Profile

Our client is an international lifestyle brand that celebrates feeling well and living joyously through their large line of skincare products. Endorsed by doctors, celebrities, and most importantly their customers, this skincare brand wants to inspire their customers to live a better life by being better to themselves.

The Problem

This beauty brand had seen great success in their online marketing channels. But they knew they needed to add a new channel to their overall strategy to hit their 2009 and 2010 goals and wanted to launch an affiliate program to help raise brand awareness and drive more incremental revenue.

With little knowledge of affiliate, they came to JEBCommerce seeking help. The brand decided to have our team manage one program while the network managed the second. Our client was looking to see which management option (agency vs. network) could recruit more publishers, drive more sales and added more to the bottom line performance.

The Fix

Our client needed a robust affiliate strategy that included a comprehensive competitive analysis, publisher recruitment, affiliate promotion and incentive cadence, creative, and affiliate tools. The team at JEBCommerce was able to do an in-depth analysis of our client’s competitors and their affiliate programs to ensure that we launched the program with the most competitive commission rates.

JEBCommerce’s Publisher Development department was able to reach out to beauty bloggers and influencers not already on the network and recruit them into the program. Our proactive team was able to quickly establish a promotional cadence and push out newsletters and offers to our top affiliate partners.

JEBCommerce versus network management - realized sales increase

At the end of the 15-month test, JEBCommerce drove 4X more revenue than the network managed program. The difference in top-line revenue driven by the JEBCommerce team was dramatic each and every month of the test.

These results are directly correlated with having a consistent 3+ person team managing the account, as well as supplemental support from our Publisher Development and Creative departments. Agency management offers a much more flexible and robust management due our low client-to-staff ratio and the ability to build relationships outside of the network.

The Bottom Line

Without a proactive strategic partner in your corner, affiliate marketing can be a challenging undertaking. JEBCommerce’s experts help leading online retailers develop and manage custom affiliate programs that deliver clear growth while satisfying each client’s unique business goals.

Over the last 5+ years, JEBCommerce has successfully nurtured this beauty brands new program into a mature affiliate program that continues to see year-over-year growth.