Analytics Training and User Testing

Case Study
in Brief

Learn how analytics training sessions helped us achieve full transparency with our client. Also see how our team deployed usability testing to determine navigational issues that needed to be addressed with Kootenai Urgent Care’s site.

North Idaho Family Physicians is a cooperative which provides necessary support to independent family physicians. NIFP was formed out of concern for independent family physician practices and the changes taking place with Idaho’s healthcare. By coming together, each individual practice pooled their resources to become part of a large corporate medical practice.

Four separate companies under the NIFP umbrella came to JEBCommerce looking to improve their usability and gain more exposure through paid and organic search listings. Kallie Gordon with Kootenai Urgent Care said, “Unlike agencies we have worked with in the past, we were seeking a partnership that was transparent with the work that was being done.” Carly Dibiase with NIFP also said, “We didn’t feel like we had any knowledge or control over our analytics or web presence.”

NIFP had mentioned they didn’t have any knowledge or control over their analytics or web presence in the past. We felt this was contributing to the loss of transparency they were experiencing. To address this, our team stepped in to train them how to use Google Analytics to better understand their online campaigns and website performance. Monthly training sessions were set up to go over reporting and key performance indicators. After a few sessions, the team had a basic understanding of how to look at their website data and were able to move to more advanced topics.

One of those areas of focus was the creation of custom dashboards with key performance indicators for each site. This allowed the team to easily identify what was happening with each account throughout the month. These dashboards were also useful in giving their management a quick overview with how their sites were performing.

The client training sessions proved invaluable. It’s given the NIFP team the ability to effectively communicate how each campaign is performing as well as the full transparency they were looking for upon hiring us. “JEBCommerce gave us ongoing training to help us understand how our website and Google Analytics works. This gave us the ability to take charge of our web presence,” Carly said.

Another area we focused on was Kootenai Urgent Care’s site design and usability. Navigating the original site was confusing which was costing them patients. To fix this, our team deployed usability testing to determine navigational issues that needed to be addressed. As a result, a new cleaner version of their site was created. New text and images were added to help patients identify where to click based on symptoms they were experiencing.

User Testing Helped Patients Find The Information They Were Looking For

Since these changes were made, Kootenai Urgent Care has seen a record number of patients. Through direct patient feedback and user testing, our team successfully identified areas of confusion.

Today, North Idaho Family Physicians has a better understanding how their programs are performing. This shared understanding has allowed our team to spend more time coming up with new innovative ideas to help NIFP achieve their goals.

“We would recommend JEBCommerce to anyone. They have been easy to work with and have made every process as seamless as possible.”

Kallie Gordon, Kootenai Urgent Care

“I would recommend JEBCommerce to anyone who wants a better grasp on how to market their brand or is looking to understand the technical side a little more.”

Carly DiBiase, North Idaho Family Physicians