Ramp up your affiliate team with JEBAccelerator

Add experienced, award winning, and extremely successful affiliate managers to your team with no long term commitments, HR expenses, or long on-boarding times. Set up a time to discuss how we can help your affiliate program scale right now.

Our team deploys immediately to help you grow your revenue through the affiliate program

Increasing revenue and new customer acquisition through your affiliate channel takes time, and the right people and processes. But you may not always have those things. Now you can with our JEBAccelerator program. We add the right resources to your affiliate program to recruit, activate, and grow revenue.

The JEBAccelerator Program provides the following …

  • Affiliate partner Gap Analysis to identify the key affiliates in your vertical that should be in your program
  • Top affiliate recruitment – outreach to all top affiliates as well as non-enrolled affiliates identified in Gap Analysis
  • Comprehensive affiliate activation of dormant affiliate partners enrolled in your program
  • Paid placement negotiations, testing and deployment
  • Consumer offer testing and deployment
  • Increased exposure negotiations with all publishers
  • Development and execution of a tiered affiliate incentive program
  • Text link and creative audit
  • Text link testing and creation
  • Communication plan and execution

Our Performance Speaks for Itself

Strengthening partnership integrity, the proper strategy, and massive recruitment lead to 256% increase in sales - JEBCommerce

Strengthening partnership integrity, the proper strategy, and massive recruitment lead to 256% increase in sales

Sometimes, it's not just one silver bullet that leads to success. Sometimes it's many individual activities that lead to one ...

154% YoY growth for health and beauty client

Influencer network partnerships take time to develop and create trust and an understanding of a brand and their goals. Several ...

Publisher Optimizations led to 55% YoY Growth in November 2020

At JEBCommerce, our team takes a data-driven approach to optimization. Leveraging data with our processes helped us identify an opportunity ...

Tech brand sees a $55k day from a strong Best of Web placement

If you work in the affiliate space, you know that every so often a unicorn comes along where you see ...

Find out how we drove a 107% increase in revenue without discounts and coupon affiliates.

A health and beauty merchant wanted to grow their affiliate program through bloggers, mass media publishers and influencers partners. Our ...

127% increase in revenue and 23% increase in producing publishers.

Growing a large affiliate program in a hyper competitive market is difficult and takes dedication, time and expertise, but most ...

Discover our award-winning approach

Many agencies will tell you they “do” affiliate. At JEBCommerce, we live and breathe it. With more than 75 years of combined affiliate management experience and an award-winning team, it’s no surprise that we consistently deliver triple-digit growth for our clients. And we do it all with transparency, trust, and the belief that when our clients succeed, we all succeed.

  • Dedicated publisher development team
  • Deeply customized solutions
  • Tightly-controlled manager caseload
  • Chloe, our proprietary CRM that facilitates accessible, clear reporting
  • 150+ processes actively deployed and integrated into the management of every client’s affiliate program
  • In-depth digital expertise to ensure your program succeeds in today’s omnichannel world