How did we grow a program by 503% in the first 3 months?

Every advertiser is looking to find growth in their affiliate channel, and rapid growth, when they work with an affiliate management OPM. The client above, in the Health & Wellness category, achieved just that while working with JEBCommerce, in fact they saw a 503% lift in the first three months of our engagement with them! Here is what we did to get that growth:

  • Our methodology for scaling an affiliate program quickly is our called our Client Success Map. It is a detailed step by step way to methodically grow a program quickly. Sticking with this process allows us to create the strategy for growth quickly.
  • Gap analysis – we immediately identified the top players in the space that is appropriate for this client and our team contacted them immediately.
  • The 2nd step of our Client Success Map we call 100in100. We mobilize the entire JEBCommerce team around the top 100 recruiting targets, and each person contacts a portion of that list. This enables us to recruit and activate a larger number of affiliates AND get them producing much quicker than any one else by utilizing every single person at JEBCommerce.
  • Merchandising – we focused on the top sellers for not only the program but for each affiliate and made sure they had the tools to highlight those

All these tactics and more lead to predictable, reliable and large scale growth for affiliate channels. If you’d like to find out how we can execute these tactics to scale your affiliate program, contact us at today.

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