127% increase in revenue and 23% increase in producing publishers.

Growing a large affiliate program in a hyper competitive market is difficult and takes dedication, time and expertise, but most of all relationships. We were able to increase sales YoY by 127%, producing affiliates by 23%, conversion rate by 14% and clicks by over 79% for this home goods advertiser this year. Here is how we did it:

  • Changed the way the discounts were applied site wide so consumers automatically received the coupon when clicking on an affiliate link promoting it. This led to an increase in conversion rate and AOV
  • Advanced notice to large media partners.
  • Utilized several tools to incentivize media and large publishers to get more exposure
  • Strategized with top PPC publishers and shared customer path to purchase data to allow them to better optimize their efforts to take market share from others and increase revenue and traffic dramatically

Unique strategies are key to growth, and when you are in a hyper competitive market, you can’t simply throw out a coupon and expect revenue increases and incremental sales. Want to hear more about how we can do that for you too? Contact us at for a free 15 minute audit.

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