2014 E-Commerce Predictions – What are others saying?

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2014 is finally here, and it will go bye like every other year, in the blink of an eye.  Towards the end of 2013, my team and I wanted to research some in our industry have been and will be talking about in 2014.

Below are some very interesting articles we found regarding trends in 2014.  Many of these predict content marketing being a focal point with Internet retailers, as well as the continued rise of mobile marketing (surprise right?).

Internet Marketing Trends and Tactics for 2014 (Infographic)

Internet marketing trends was one of my favorite reads for predicting what’s going to be happening in 2014.  Mobile was featured in the article, along with better retargeting, the rise of paid social ads, and more visual content.  Scroll to the bottom and check out their info graph!

 11 Web Marketing and Social Media Trends That Will Shape 2014

Great read on social media and small businesses for 2014.  Once again, mobile is the number one item on this article.  They predict that mobile will have a big impact in 2014.  Check it out!

 2014 Digital Marketing Forecast:  7 Trends to Watch

Renewed Interest in SEO, was a great topic on this article.  The topic discusses how the algorithm changes every year, and the importance in SEO strategy, and the value of content sites.

5 E-Commerce Trends to Look For in 2014

Great article on maximizing overall online presence.  Not just with your typical marketing channels but other means, such as shopping feeds, and content marketing, but also, utilizing your tools and how data can be a significant importance to overall marketing.

Five Hottest Mobile Trends for 2014

Since Mobile, is pretty much the hottest thing right now we had to include this, my team and I wanted to research some of the 5 biggest mobile trends in 2014. 

There’s more, but for the sake of absorption, I wanted to highlight the best ones I found.  What are your predictions?  Have you found better articles talking about 2014 trends?

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