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Performance Marketing Glossary – a Free Resource From The PMA

Performance Marketing Glossary – a Free Resource From The PMA

Check out The PMA's (Performance Marketing Association) handy glossary of 300+ affiliate marketing definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations. Free!

Affiliate OPM: Experience to Stay Ahead of Change

Buyer behavior, the economy and the affiliate channel is changing at a pace reminiscent of 2008-09. With a drastic change in consumer buying behavior, disruption to manufacturing and logistics and more, it is imperative that your affiliate program is able to pivot appropriately. We are talking about more than simply making sure your company stays […]

FMTC: A Datafeed Solution for Publishers, Agencies/OPMs and Merchants

Did you know FMTC offers feeds for deals, special offers, last ship dates and more? Find out how FMTC can help you stay top of mind with publishers this holiday season.
2019 Affiliate Marketing Market Size - JEBCommerce

2019 Affiliate Marketing Market Size

Affiliate marketing is a large, dynamic, and global force. You many be surprised just how big it really is. Check out our findings here!
Developing ROI on Placements - JEBCommerce

Developing ROI on Placements – A Request to Publishers

From the advertiser side, any ROI numbers, projected revenue or makegood promises that a publisher can make are what will sell your placements! Help us explore the different perspectives that can help making a placement calendar even easier for all parties.
Checklist to Start Managing Your Affiliate Program - JEBCommerce

Your First Day Checklist to Start Managing Your Affiliate Program

Inheriting the affiliate channel can be a daunting prospect, but with a simple checklist and a secret trick you’ll be off to a running start!
Building Strong Affiliate Relationships - JEBCommerce

Five B’s of Building Strong Affiliate Relationships

Building strong affiliate relationships is key to success - here we break down five different ways to foster those relationships.
Career in Affiliate Marketing - JEBCommerce

A Career in Affiliate Marketing: What to Expect in the First Three Months

Thinking about beginning a career in affiliate marketing? This article outlines what to expect in the first three months!

My JEB Journey

As I finish out my first month here at JEBCommerce, I think back to how much has changed for me in these four short weeks. From the bustling environment of a martini bar to a desk and swivel chair, I can say quite a lot has changed and the difference in pace has created a […]
Affiliate Marketing Program Budgeting - JEBCommerce

Affiliate Marketing Program Budgeting and Communicating with Internal Teams

Creating a budget for your affiliate marketing program can be difficult and time consuming, but it doesn't have to be! Our CEO outlines how to create one and highlights the importance of communicating budget details to internal teams.