154% YoY growth for health and beauty client

Influencer network partnerships take time to develop and create trust and an understanding of a brand and their goals. Several months of relationship building and campaign optimizations with RewardStyle led to nearly $150,000 in revenue and 700% year-over-year growth last month. This was exciting for the publisher and the brand was thrilled with the additional exposure from influencer marketing.

A strategic approach which included a long-term site wide promotional calendar helped drive new customers and brand awareness. A proactive approach to auditing these offers led to increased visibility from publishers.

In order to ensure orders were properly discounted and attributed to the affiliate channel, we appended discounts in the UTM parameters in order to automatically apply discounts at checkout. This also lowered the barrier to adding a discount at checkout, while also preventing high jacking of coupon codes.

If you would like to learn more about these optimization tactics and how to use them to grow your affiliate program, please email us at gethelp@jebcommerce.com and we will set up a call to discuss strategy.

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