Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers – #4 in series – Your Affiliate Account.

The information you put in your affiliate account is represented in your application to each program.  As I laid out in the previous posts in this series, you need to apply to each affiliate program in order to promote them.  But before I show you how to evaluate which affiliate programs to work with, we need to talk about your affiliate account.

Why?  Without good and complete information, your application will be denied.

When filling in your account information in each of the networks, don’t leave blanks.  Look at your account through the eyes of the merchant.  Do you show them what your site is about?  Do you give full contact info?  Do you describe your site and how you plan to promote that merchant in a way that the merchant can understand?  Be complete.

I wrote a few blogs about the affiliate application process.  It would be a good idea for you to read them as they are written from the perspective of a merchant going through affiliate applications.

Why aren’t they accepting my affiliate applications?

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