ase1JEBCommerce wasn’t able to attend the Affiliate Summit in NYC this year.  We very much wanted to, but we are working on some big things here, launching a few new clients and hiring new people, so a journey across the country was not in the cards.  If you haven’t attended an Affiliate Summit and are still on the fence, do it.  You won’t regret it.  Our entire team will be heading to ASW10 in Vegas next year.  We won’t be missing that and we hope to meet you there as well.

Fortunately for us, more than 50 attendees have posted their recaps of the event online.  Our team went through and found recaps from people such as Ian Fernando, Zach Johnson, Clickbooth, Missyward, the Martells, Murray Newlands and more.  We’ve listed many of these recaps here.  It sure sounds like everyone had an awesome time, and lots of business was done and networking took place.  If I missed your recap, just send an email to and I’ll add it today.

Revenews’ CT Moor’s Recap

Stephanie Lichtenstein’s Recap

Affiliate Summit East Slide Shows

James and Arlene Martell on Webmaster Radio

Murray Newsland’s Recap

ClickBank’s Recap

Affiliatetip‘s Recap’s Recap

Eric Nagle’s Recap

Vinny Ohare’s Recap

HelpMeDrive’s Recap’s Recap

Ian Fernando’s Recap

AdHustler’s Recap

Affiliate Marketing Fanatics’ Recap

Nerdy Affiliate’s Recap

Mike – Love his welcome to NY moment.


Super Affiliate Twins

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