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Andrew Ferguson

Assistant Affiliate Manager
Time with the company: 5 yrs 7 mos

Andrew works as an affiliate manager for JEBCommerce where he spends my time researching blogs, podcasts, apps, and coupon sites to help partner them with the brands that match them best. With around 3 years “in the pit” and over 10 years on the sidelines he has worked with his family to turn JEBCommerce from a backyard business to a thriving workplace where they have had the opportunity to work with great brands like Speck, zulily, and Eastern Mountain Sports.

A lot of his time is spent recruiting and optimizing relationships for our clients, while also assisting the team with one-off projects, the fun and the boring daily tasks and whatever administrative items are necessary to grow our programs.

Certifications: CJ Ambassador, Impact Radius Certified, Rakuten Marketing Certified Agency Manager