Announcing the launch of the Cafe Last affiliate program on LinkConnector!

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Last updated: November 30th, 2020

If you are looking to promote high end coffee and espresso machinery, JEBCommerce is pleased to announce we have launched the Cafe Last affiliate program! This program is new to the affiliate landscape and has launched in partnership with LinkConnector. The brand has seen wonderful success in its initial months of business, and would love to partner with you to help duplicate that success with an affiliate program! We highly recommend getting in on this success as soon as you can.

Unlike the big-box retailers, the mission with Cafe Last is to make the customer experience more personal and family-like (as if you were in a real-life cafe) by putting an emphasis on customer service before and after the sale. In addition to world-class customer service, they also offer the lowest prices of any online coffee retailer on the market, along with fast and free shipping, and a quality guarantee for all of their orders.

“We here at JEBCommerce are excited to be working with Cafe Last, a new brand in the premium coffee & espresso space that provides high-quality machines at a lower cost. We cannot wait to help bring the great hospitality products Cafe Last offers, to the businesses and homes that need them!”

Andrew Ferguson, Assistant Affiliate Manager

Starting only with espresso machines and grinders, it’s the goal of Cafe Last to eventually become something larger than an online store and become a leader in the coffee industry as a whole. They have written many different articles, blog posts, and buyers guides to spread love and knowledge for coffee & espresso throughout the entire community. If you wish to read more, you can visit their blog here.

High Level Program Information

  • Join on LinkConnector
  • Commission: 5% Baseline, 2% Coupon (VIP options available situationally)
  • Average Order Value: $1000+

Interested in learning more? Feel free to email the JEBCommerce management team at cafelast@jebcommerce.com and we’ll answer any questions you may have. We look forward to working with you!

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