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Reaching Discount Audiences Without Sacrificing Margins – JEBCommerce

Reaching Discount Audiences Without Sacrificing Margins

Discover how you can reach discount audiences without compromising your current revenue streams. Learn about the essential technology, strategic approaches, and ongoing testing required to expand your customer base while safeguarding your profits.

New Customer Acquisition: Strategies for the Affiliate Channel

One of the most difficult parts of scaling a business is figuring out which channel is actually sustainable for bringing in new customers. JEBCommerce focuses heavily on new customer acquisition and increasing profitability for our clients in the affiliate channel.  New Customer Acquisition is one of the methods we measure affiliate programs by as well […]

Customer Acquisition and Retention with Affiliate Marketing

It's not rocket science, but a successful affiliate channel does require having the right team, the right tools, and a well communicated strategy.

Navigating the Conversion Funnel

The conversion funnel helps illustrate a consumer journey from awareness to conversion. This is what made marketing “click” for me, and led me to pursue a career in the industry. Fast forward 10 years and I still use it to identify different marketing objectives I want to accomplish. Like a machine, the funnel has multiple […]