Board of Advisors

The JEBCommerce Board of Advisors is comprised of amazing individuals, each of whom offers a unique set of skills and a dynamic outlook on life and business. Our board provides us with advice, recommendations and guidance on the management of JEBCommerce related to corporate goals and strategy. At times, when appropriate, our advisors also assist us at a strategy level with our clients.

Our advisors’ collective senior-level leadership expertise, business acumen and all-around wisdom is extremely beneficial to the entire JEBCommerce team as we strive to continue growing our business.

Cathy McCall

Cathy McCall is a 15-year digital marketing veteran who conceived, launched, and grew the affiliate program management division for LinkShare from 1999-2004 where she and her team managed programs for over 250 of the top multi-channel retailers including, Dell, Target, Macy*s, American Express, and Overstock. In 2005, McCall started a marketing services company to help clients effectively add affiliate programs and other digital best practices and channels like paid and earned media, analytics, and CRM. Her expertise in online marketing and client management is extremely valuable to the JEBCommerce team and our clients.

Matthew Ray Scott

Matthew Scott served as a US Army officer until 1994 serving as a Captain with the 82nd Airborne Division. Within six years of leaving the military, he was a co-developer and the VP of Sales and Marketing for a biotech medical device firm. He’s also a sought after speaker for many business conferences. At present, Matthew is the Principal + Managing Director for FEED, a physician brand marketing agency – voted #1 by The American Marketing Association for Best Cause Marketing. Matthew’s leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and experience in helping other companies succeed and grow are critical skills that he lends to JEBCommerce and our clients through his role on our Board of Advisors.

Randall Wilkinson, MD

Randall Wilkinson spent 20 years practicing allergy and environmental medicine. He also has over 30 years of direct marketing experience. Dr. Wilkinson has been heavily involved in Internet marketing since the early 1990s. In 2000, he founded Trienelle Skincare, a leader in skin care and anti-aging products. His involvement in Internet marketing with Trienelle and the extensive test he’s done with his company’s website yields a wealth of information and case studies. Dr. Wilkinson’s insights into effective Internet marketing and his overall business management experience are highly valued by JEBCommerce as it continues to shape and refine its own management and corporate goals. These years of experience are also lent to our clients when appropriate.

Ed Birch

Ed Birch has over 35 years of “hands on” experience in disciplines from business development, manufacturing management, quality assurance, product development, finance, and product design and information technology. His industrial experience includes management consulting, chemical processing, food processing, pharmaceutical, mining and pharmaceutical contract manufacturing.

In 2007 Ed became a partner in the Strategic Energy Group. The Strategic Energy Group is engaged in managing energy efficiency projects for BC Hydro (Canada), Energy Trust of Oregon, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, PG&E, PPL Electric Utilities. Ed has also reached outside the United States to South Africa by introducing continuous improvement concepts to Pro-Group – a regional retail pharmacy chain, and conducted continuous improvement workshops for South African businessmen sponsored by the local Rotary chapter.

Ed has an undergraduate degree in Accounting from Pennsylvania State University and an MBA in Marketing from Wilkes University. His extensive experience in operations, management, and team development are vital in steering the growth and ongoing management of JEBCommerce.