How do you grow your affiliate program during the pandemic by more than 263%?

Growth during a pandemic? Who would have thought that was possible? While many industries are not doing well, and others are looking to no growth as the “new growth”, many of our clients are seeing growth, like this electronics manufacturer. They have seen a 263% growth in April 2020 over April 2019.

Here is how our team did it:

  • We took advantage of two trends; retail locations being closed, and Amazon’s commission rate changes and their delayed shipping to encourage affiliates to post links for consumers to shop direct and receive their product sooner.
  • Aggressive communication with affiliates. When our team saw that the above two changes could impact our client and affiliates positively, we got on the phone with our top producers and any affiliates that we thought could do well with this client.
  • New offers. We created new consumer offers that we thought would productive.
  • New creative and text links. We provided our affiliates with customized text links for each partner, with new landing pages featuring our ability to get product to them quicker than Amazon.
  • Frequent outreach. By communicating with affiliates several times a week, we were able to identify additional ways to work together to get product out the door, increase productivity and hit that outrageous growth number!

Our team is demonstrating right now how we are able to increase sales in this challenging and turbulent time. If you’d like to see how we can do this with your affiliate program, reach out to us at

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