Increasing affiliate program revenue rapidly! Over 21% increase in first two weeks with lower spend!

Could you imagine buying a car and having to wait to drive it? I can’t either. Increasing revenue after you hire an affiliate marketing agency like JEBCommerce is not different, you want to see sales right away!

With this client, and many others, we saw a lift of over 21% within the first two weeks. Here is how we do that:

  • Solid and extensive relationships with publishers. Our teams spend almost the entire time working with publishers across industries and verticals. These established and strong relationships allow us to bring in publishers and help them drive sales quickly
  • 5 new performing affiliates acquired into the affiliate program and driving revenue within the first 5 days
  • Creative refresh for all publishers. Old creative was stifling the program’s growth and affiliates had nothing new to share with their audience
  • New affiliate bonuses
  • Capitalizing on past press exposure to entice affiliates to join the program
  • Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting. Did I say recruiting?

Our 6 step client success map is built around speed and profitability. If you’d like to hear about how our second step helps our clients generate substantial revenue increases rapidly, email us at to schedule a free 15 minute conversation.

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