Increasing affiliate revenue by 4000% and 80% New Customers!

Many of our clients and prospects want to know how to grow sales through the channel, but it’s really about growing sales through individual partners. Every partner is different and you have to optimize for each one differently, especially in a time of great challenge like we are experiencing now with COVID-19 reaching every corner of the globe.

Our team worked with one affiliate partner for our leading men and women’s apparel client. They increased revenue by almost 4000% from one affiliate by:

  • Identifying the type of offer individual partners need
  • Combining two offers on our client’s site into one incredibly compelling offer that this particular partner would promote
  • The offer created was sent to the partner. Because it was exactly what the community looked for, it was upvoted within 24 hours and received an incredible amount of of exposure
  • And 80% of those users were new to the brand!

It’s amazing to watch our team pull together just the right offer for each affiliate and see results like this, and in a super challenging economic time. If you need help with your merchandising and affiliate activation strategy so you can scale your affiliate program, sign up at for a 15 minute free consultation or contact us at

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