Today, you are looking for ways to acquire new customers and maximize your marketing budget.

You have heard that the affiliate channel is a cost effective way to improve cost per acquisition for e-commerce and subscription business models. 

Now you need to know – should you hire an in-house affiliate program manager or outsource to an Affiliate Management Agency? 

During my 20 years in affiliate management I have learned marketing managers prefer the overall higher quality output they receive when partnering with an affiliate management agency. 

What do we mean a higher quality output?

We’re talking about the additional perks you get working with a team of affiliate experts rather than putting all your eggs in one basket. 

With an affiliate management agency you receive:

  • Cross Industry Analysis
  • Deep Competitive Data and Positioning
  • Increased Exposure across the Affiliate Community
  • Higher Quality Reporting and Deliverables

To help partners be successful we assist with several activities above and beyond a traditional Affiliate scope, such as:

Search Engine Optimization

Many of our clients need more than just affiliate management help, they need SEO, Email and SEM help as well.  In times like these, we are able to bring in professionals we trust to increase your overall top line sales.

Customer Service

Customer service is key to increasing sales.  More than once our e-commerce and subscription based accounts have needed assistance in growing their customer service team.  We have been able to find them both in-house and outsourced solutions.

Promotions Calendar

Every program needs a solid merchandise and promotions calendar.  We work with you to create a solid, attractive and high performing calendar that not only the affiliate can use, but all marketing channels.


Competition is getting tougher each day. It is likely you have seen competitions begin to aggressively go after your business both online and offline. Be sure whoever is managing your affiliate channel can brainstorm ideas, both online and offline, that will help fight off this encroachment.

If your board demands high quality production when it comes to deliverables, reporting and performance, you will be happy partnering with an experienced Affiliate OPM.

Next, discover how outsourced program management agencies provide a higher level of collaboration than you would receive with an in-house affiliate manager. 

Feel free to contact JEBCommerce with your inquiries.

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