The new year brings new beginnings, a little colder temps, and hopefully some time for you to plan your 2012 expenditures and marketing campaigns.  Many advertisers/merchants look for ways to maximize their current marketing channels and budgets while trying to figure out just how they will acquire that ever elusive new, and highly profitable, customer.  Maybe you are in this position this January and are reviewing your channels and plans and are considering whether or not an affiliate management agency is right for you.  Many are in the same position.

Many of our clients when looking at an outsourced agency ask the simple question, why work an OPM (outsourced program manager)?  There are basically 8 major reasons why this type of arrangement works for our clients and may work for you. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be outlining each of these reasons and hopefully answering a few of your questions along the way.

Today we’d like to talk about reason #1:

Overall Higher Quality Output

Because of the highly competitive nature of the affiliate marketing industry, outsourced firms must operate at a very high level simply to keep their clients satisfied.  In many instances, the demands put on an affiliate management agency are higher than those placed on a single employee.  This means that agencies, like JEBCommerce, must go above and beyond expectations, many times working “over budget” and beyond the original scope of work to meet the high expectations and demands of each client.  The ease with which clients are able to move from one firm or another makes high quality output an imperitive.

With a quality affiliate management agency, like JEBCommerce, you’ll receive:

Cross industry analysis

Deeper competitive data and positioning

Increased exposure across the affiliate community

Higher quality reporting and deliverables.

In the past we have performed several activities that our clients have felt went above and beyond our scope to help them become more successful, such as:

Finding, evaluating and making recommendations on a Search Engine Optimization firm.  Many of our clients need more than just affiliate management help, they need SEO, Email and SEM help as well.  In times like these, we utilize our trusted status to help them find the right fit for them and increase their overall top line sales.

Customer service is key to making sales happen.  More than once our smaller clients needed assistance in growing their customer service team.  We have been able to find them both in-house and outsourced solutions.

Every program needs a solid merchandise and promotions calendar.  When our clients are unable to put this together on their own, we work with them to create a solid, attractive and high performing calendar that not only the affiliate can use, but all their channels.

Competition is getting tougher each day.  Many of our clients have seen their competitions begin to aggressively go after their business both online and offline.  We work with our clients to brainstorm ideas, both online and offline, that can help them fight off this encroachment.

Our clients demand high quality production in deliverables, reporting and performance that only outsourced program management agencies can provide.
Next in this series we’ll explore how outsourced program management agencies offer advertisers/merchants increased success through a higher level of collaboration and more experience than you may receive with an in-house affiliate manager.  Stay tuned and feel free to ask questions in the comments below or email jamie AT jebcommerce with your inquiries.

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