Client Win – JEBCommerce

A Strategic Partnership Yielded 1692% Revenue Increase YoY

The observation of a publisher’s strength and success in the travel vertical prompted our team to explore potential collaboration opportunities for our travel industry client. Our team conducted a test email placement to gauge the effectiveness of the publisher’s platform in reaching our client’s target audience.

The results of the test exceeded expectations. After analyzing the data, our team strategically aligned promotional efforts with our client’s promotion peak times. We implemented dedicated and featured email placements during these strategically chosen time frames.

This iterative and data-driven approach not only strengthened our partnership with the publisher but also enhanced the overall effectiveness of our email marketing strategy. By leveraging the publisher’s expertise and aligning our promotional efforts with the unique characteristics of the travel vertical, we were able to optimize our campaigns and drive tangible results for our client, yielding a 1692% increase in revenue YoY, as well as 87% increase in AOV YoY.

This collaborative and strategic approach exemplifies the power of data-driven decision-making and the importance of understanding and capitalizing on the strengths of key publishing partners. When you hire an agency to manage your affiliate program, you’re hiring a network of relationships and expertise that can work to your advantage. Interested in learning what opportunities are available for your affiliate program? Reach out to us at or schedule time to discuss your needs with us.

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