and Launching on the Linkshare Network.

MotoSafety Affiliate ProgramFriday, October 14th, 2011. We are very excited to announce that our newest client – and will be launching on the Linkshare Affiliate Network this month!

MOTOsafety, your teen driving coach, is a new service that gives parents a great way to monitor and coach their teenage drivers. The tool provides insights on safe driving habits such as speeding, harsh braking and rapid acceleration. MOTOsafety gives parents a daily Driver’s Report Card that scores their teen’s driving habits. The service also allows parents to locate their teen’s vehicle using GPS, and they can set up alerts that inform them if their teen is using the car outside of approved hours. Simply plug the MOTOsafety device under the dash, and you are ready to go.

The Linxup GPS Fleet Tracking Solution provides companies with an incredibly easy to deploy system for monitoring company owned vehicles. This plug and track system requires no time consuming installation and gives companies a way to quickly and effectively monitor the driving habits of their workforce. Best of all, the system generates a quick return on investment for companies by helping to reduce fuel usage by monitoring speeding and idling. It also provides a powerful reporting suite. Versions of the LInxup are available for heavy-duty vehicles and an optional IFTA reporting module is available.

We are excited to be working with JEBCommerce. We were looking for a team with real Affiliate marketing experience and a background in creating successful programs. JEB certainly gives us exactly what we are looking for,” Paul Inman, Marketing Vice President – &

Jamie Birch, founder and CEO of JEBCommerce, is excited to add this company to the JEBCommerce stable of managed affiliate programs:

My oldest son is just a few short months away from turning 16, getting his drivers license and increasing his dad’s blood pressure and stress exponentially.  I have personally been looking for a product like MotoSafety that allows me to not only know where my son is, but also to know how he is driving.  It not only provides a tool to educate and helps me keep my child safe, but it also can be fun as we will compete on who has the better driver’s report card.  Both MotoSafety and Linxup are incredibly valuable services and will prove to be strong revenue channels for affiliates.”

Commission Payout (US$):

MotoSafety and Linxup have a competitive baseline commissions with available performance incentives. Affiliates will earn a $37 bounty on every account.

JEBCommerce is excited to add MotoSafety and Linxup to its current list of clients that includes 99designs, thredUp, Eastern Mountain Sports, Plastic Jungle, philosophy, Roots, Cruiser Customizing, iFLOOR, Egnyte, and more!

If you are an affiliate or website owner who is interested in working with the MotoSaftey/Linxup affiliate program, please contact the team lead, Jon Goodwin at to get further details about launch date and how to maximize your revenue.

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