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Brands are losing the loyalty fight to affiliates – how to set yourself up for success – JEBCommerce

Brands are losing the loyalty fight to affiliates – how to set yourself up for success

Affiliate marketing sites are providing loyalty opportunities for online shoppers in more ways than ever before. Q4 shopping success will be determined by how brands provide these sites with consumer-friendly perks and exclusives.
Going into Orbitz, social and affiliates; Interview with Blagica Bottigliero and Paleo Ad Tech – JEBCommerce

Going into Orbitz, Social and Affiliates

Listen as Blagica Bottigliero, Jill Royce, and Marty Kihn dive into digital marketing and more in a recent interview for Paleo Ad Tech.
Rise of the Affluencer – JEBCommerce

The Rise of the Affluencer

Affiliate Marketing Trend to Watch: Affluencers Take Center Stage

The Power of Cross-Device Solutions in a Results-Driven Affiliate Strategy

the affiliate channel is often misunderstood as a necessary evil at best and a pariah at worst In September of last year I had the good fortune to speak at CJ Affiliate’s annual conference, CJU. I was talking about what I think is the biggest problem facing the performance marketing channel and ways to fix […]

The Rise of Video Marketing

When I was in the sixth grade, Greg Hession was the ‘guy’. And for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why. He had that ‘blonde hair/blue eye’ thing going on, I’ll give him that. But Robert Moerhing in the SEVENTH grade really knew how to work that angle (but that’s another story) Yet, […]

Leftovers anyone? Residual Income With Influencer Marketing

Everyone has that one favorite recipe they love to make. You know the one – you can make it in your sleep. No need to measure ingredients. You can alter it a smidge, but your culinary confidence is solid.  It’s your ‘go to’ meal when friends pop over or when you head out to a […]

Choosing the Right Social Influencer

Social influencers have been a hot topic in the affiliate industry as of late. Search just about any vertical and you’ll find thousands of social influencers. We’ve personally seen how they increase brand awareness, but the cost to work with them has gone up recently as well. With so many influencers out there, how do […]

The Journey Ends: The Social Media Influencer Campaign (Part 3)

There’s no place like home or the end of a journey. After dousing the witch, Dorothy secured the broom that leads her back to Kansas, the Tin Man had a heart all along, the Lion humbly acknowledged his courage, and the Scarecrow became an academic. And like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I learned […]

Promoting Your Affiliate Program On Social Media

The impact social media has had on society is undeniable. For most it is the first thing we check when we wake up and the last thing we check before we go to bed. Ah yes, social media may consume our lives but no matter where you stand on the subject it has been a […]

The Influencer Marketing Strategy

At the end of the movie, The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy stands in the Emerald City trembling before a massive, shadowy floating head. With the Wicked Witch of the West’s broom in one hand and surrounded by her 3 trusted companions, she humbly asks, “I’ve brought you what you wanted, now will you help me […]