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new-day-cigsJEBCommerce is happy to announce that we are now managing the affiliate program on the ebay enterprise affiliate network (formerly Pepperjam).

Electronic cigarettes ARE the future for smokers. Nearly 1/4 of Americans Smoke – with full knowledge of the risks. eCigarettes are a great alternative to replicate smoking, but without tar, ash, smell, and cost – and, users can smoke just about anywhere!

Easy to use, it looks, tastes and feels like smoking a real cigarette. But it’s not! Users puff on it like a regular cigarette, inhaling vapor, minus the harmful tar and carcinogens.

“The team at JEBCommerce came highly recommended from one of the smartest and wisest pioneers on the publisher side. I’m really impressed with their true-knowledge of the space as well as their tactical process in launching a new program. There’s no question that the team at JEBCommerce has perhaps the deepest knowledge and experience in the affiliate space. I continue to be surprised by their guidance for what’s in OUR best interest.” – J. Hunter Howard, SVP Marketing – New Day Online

Keep reading to learn more about the affiliate program:

Program Highlights:

  • Baseline of 25%
  • VIP commission rates available!
  • 120 day cookie
  • Gift Cards are commissionable and can be discounted for additional savings!
  • Regular promotional calendar offering you of discounts to promote to your site visitors.
  • Exclusive offers
  • Vanity Codes
  • Co-branded landing pages
  • Phone Order Tracking is coming soon!
  • Professionally designed banner creative
  • Up-to-date text links with top performing products
  • Well-designed, professionally optimized, high-converting website
  • Professional managed affiliate program with a dedicated Affiliate Manager


  • Most popular style of eCigarette (featuring the personal charging case)
  • Top-quality product
  • Customers love the flavors
  • Most puffs and Strongest Nicotine Option


  • Best value for consumers
  • Largest # of puffs and highest nicotine options
  • Aggressive pricing at various entry points = Good / Better / Best

NewDayCigs is the finest Electronic Cigarette System available. Their patented Personal Charger Case system allows the user to carry the equivalent of 3 packs of cigarettes, two batteries, and the ability to charge the spare battery – all on the go and in a case the size of a regular pack of cigarettes. They offer nine different flavors and 4 strengths of nicotine – from 0 to 24mg – mimicking the strongest traditional cigarettes.

Additional terms that affiliates MUST be aware of before promoting

  • Affiliates can not make any Health or therapeutic Claims on their site, within your domain names, and/or print materials (this means you will not claim that our products treat or cure a specific illness or ailment).
  • Affiliates can not make any smoking cessation claims on their site, within their domain names, and/or print materials.
  • Affiliates must agree to abide by the FTC rules and regulations of disclosure.

Click here to apply to the affiliate program on the ebay enterprise (formerly Pepperjam) network.

For more information please feel free to contact the dedicated Affiliate Manager Maryellen Garasky at affiliates @

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