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We are very excited to announce the launch of provides a venue for all merchants to communicate news about their affiliate programs to affiliates. All for free, all the time.

The intent is to allow merchants to keep their affiliates, and any prospective affiliates, educated on what is going on with their programs.   All information is provided by the affiliate manager of the specific merchant, items such as new coupons, top sellers, commission rates, promotions, company news and more will all be here for your use.

We saw that the information about new coupons, top products, sales, promotions and basic information about what works for a given affiliate program, well that info tends to be scattered across the net.  Many affiliate programs have their own blogs and you can always find information by crawling through the hundreds of affiliate newsletters you get each day.  But how efficient is that.  Many merchants would love to host a blog, but find that internal resources aren’t there or department heads just don’t want to deal with that.  Out of the desire to make affiliates’ jobs a little easier and the entire relationship a bit more efficient was born.  Currently there are over 45 merchants signed up.

Every merchant has a profile page where affiliates can learn about the program, it’s PPC policies and more.  You can also subscribe to in one feed or subscribe to individual merchant’s feeds.  We will be adding category feeds in the coming days.

Signing up as a merchant is easy.  Just click here and fill out the short formYou can also submit news here.

Some of the merchants currently on are,,,,, Altrec, Buckle, Toolking, QualitySmith, RugDoctor and more!

Affiliate marketing is really about relationships, through this site we hope that both merchants and affiliates can build stronger and more profitable ones.

A special thanks to for assisting in getting this site off the ground.  Thanks JJ and Chad!


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