A Boost in User Experience

Case Study
in Brief

Discover how JEBCommerce helped an energy utility company refine its web presence for improved user experience.

In today’s digital world, user experience (UX) is a non-negotiable element of success. If your brand’s website offers a strong user experience, it can positively impact traffic, conversion and a host of other crucial factors. But if your website is plagued with a poor experience, customers could be compelled to leave your site, and your brand, behind.

At JEBCommerce, our digital performance specialists help brands uncover a seamless experience that satisfies today’s savvy customers. That’s why we were excited to help a leading Pacific Northwest energy utility company create a new online presence with a much-improved UX.

The Problem

This Washington-based energy utility company serves four states in the Pacific Northwest, and has a large customer base that visits its site to pay bills, report outages and complete a host of other tasks. Its leadership knew that the company was long overdue for a new online presence, but it needed to be strategic in its efforts to create a new website and mobile experience for its customers.

The client’s marketing team recognized that in order for its website redesign efforts to be successful, it needed two things: a long-term plan that would drive internal corporate commitment to the project, and solid research to guide the design process. The utility engaged JEBCommerce to provide strategic guidance and user testing throughout the lifecycle of its redesign effort.

Upon initial analysis, our digital marketing experts discovered some key areas for improvement with the utility’s current website. To improve accessibility and customer satisfaction, the information architecture of the client’s website would need to be transformed into a more usable, understandable structure. The challenge was to help users find what they were looking for without having to dig too deeply in the site.

The Fix

Throughout the website and mobile redesign process, JEBCommerce built working Axure prototypes and conducted user testing with actual utility customers. This process allowed us to find out which aspects of the new designs were meeting users’ needs and which needed to be changed or modified for further testing before development began on the new site.

Our team also conducted industry research to analyze current trends and best practices, and spearheaded tree testing with current customers to determine the optimal structure and taxonomy for the client’s new website. Based on our findings, we made strategic navigation system recommendations to support the new information architecture.

Currently in the development phase of its website redesign, the utility is using our usability findings and recommendations to ensure that its new website will effectively communicate with customers and allow them to complete various online tasks such as paying bills, reporting outages, starting or stopping service, and finding energy-saving tips and rebates. Thanks to our analytics-driven recommendations and continued user tests, the utility is confident that its new web and mobile sites will provide an impeccable user experience.

The Bottom Line

Without a knowledgeable partner in your corner, finding solutions to UX hurdles can be a challenging undertaking. JEBCommerce’s experts work with you to develop and execute winning data-driven strategies that engage customers and ensure that every interaction exceeds the user’s expectations.