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$350M in Apparel and Fashion Sales

Case Study
in Brief

Fashion and apparel brands have a golden opportunity to gain market share online. How do we know? Because we’ve been working in this segment for more than two decades (and have combined experience of well over 100 years)!

There’s no denying Amazon’s presence—or power—in the eCommerce landscape. But despite the Amazon ecosystem’s astonishing scope and scale, there’s at least one area where it hasn’t been able to dominate: fashion and apparel.

Fashion and apparel has maintained ownership of its own distribution outside of the Amazon ecosystem. Until Jeff Bezos and co. can crack that code, brands in this category have a prime opportunity to grow their market share. That’s where JEBCommerce comes in.

Leading fashion and apparel brands come to us ready to craft an affiliate marketing program that’s profitable, efficient and proven to increase their revenue online. We rise to the challenge with robust expertise and a suite of best practices unique to the fashion and apparel category.

Here’s a quick case study on how JEBCommerce leverages our experience to help fashion and apparel brands grow their revenue online.

Our Experience

Fashion and apparel brands have a golden opportunity to gain market share online. How do we know? Because we’ve been working in this segment for more than two decades (and have combined experience of well over 100 years). Our Founder, Jamie Birch, ran some of the most successful affiliate programs within this category before launching JEBCommerce. It’s in our blood. We know how to grow fashion and apparel affiliate programs, and we know how to do so profitably.

Here’s the top line:

  • $350,000,000+ revenue generated in this category through the affiliate channel
  • 20 years of experience managing fashion and apparel affiliate/partner programs
  • 41 online advertisers who trust JEBCommerce to manage their partner programs
  • 900+ unique publishers who have produced sales in our fashion and apparel affiliate programs (and are continuing to do so)

At JEBCommerce, we combine proven best practices with ingenuity to deliver results for our clients. In fashion and apparel, we execute a six-step process to help our clients reach new customers and increase their bottom line.

revenue generated in this category through the affiliate channel

Our Clients and Affiliates

Our six-step process has delivered some of the most rapid launches, consistent revenue growth and market share increases in the category. But don’t just take our word for it, check out how we’ve driven results for clients such as a national fashion retail chaina leading footwear brand and an online custom menswear brand.

And our network is filled with both well-known and established affiliate publishers and successful content affiliates of all kinds!


The Results: Rapid Growth

When new clients come to us seeking profitable affiliate programs, the first question they often ask is, “How quickly can we ramp up?” Our answer? “Fast!” Thanks to our unique process, which mobilizes our entire team during the first 30 days, our clients experience rapid growth—the kind that moves the needle for them now and as their program matures.

JEBCommerce fashion and apparel clients have achieved results such as:

  • Advertiser A: 90% increase in revenue in the first 12 months
  • Advertiser B: Beat first year projections by 21%, generating more than $3 million in additional, incremental revenue
  • Advertiser C: Increased month-over-month revenue in the first six months by 23%
  • Advertiser D: Added 21 affiliates to increase revenue by 22%, with all new partnerships in the Top 50 performers—all within the first 5 months
  • Advertiser E: Beat first year projections by 22%
  • Advertiser F: Increased revenue for its mature program by 25% year-over-year in the first year
  • Advertiser G: Achieved 82.5% conversion rate growth in the first 5 months and a 70% increase year-over-year
  • Advertiser H: Generated 49% more revenue in Year 1, with 61% revenue growth in Year 2

The Results: Long-Term Growth

When launching an affiliate program, ramp-up time is important. But long-term growth is equally vital to a vibrant, expanding affiliate program.

Here are some results past the first year:

  • Affiliate A: 126% revenue lift
  • Affiliate B: 1002% revenue lift
  • Affiliate C: 75% revenue lift
  • Affiliate D: 105% revenue lift

But are they all coupon sites? No, they’re not. JEBCommerce focuses quite heavily on identifying all the web properties that our clients’ users are visiting—from coupon, content, blogs and vlogs to niche affiliates. We want to make sure you are where your customers are.

Our category distribution of Top 30 partners across all our apparel affiliate programs shows a strong mix:

The Results: Profitability

One of the keys to growing successful apparel and fashion affiliate channels is to make sure you are directing your budget to where your users are. We do that through strategic paid placements—in other words, up-front purchases of advertising space on prominent affiliate and content sites. This ensures our budget is focused on where the right eyeballs are. The result? Huge gains achieved through an extremely efficient use of our clients’ budget.

Check out these results for a glimpse into JEBCommerce’s thousands of success stories:

  • $750 expense = $75,325 incremental lift
  • $750 expense = $63,423 incremental lift
  • $698 expense = $39,969 incremental lift
  • $555 expense = $12,393 incremental lift

Generating revenue is important, but a healthy program is a profitable program. We utilize our Profitability Roadmap process to identify the most effective route to profitability in seven areas:

  1. Technology
  2. Publisher Mix and Management
  3. Promotional Strategy
  4. Internal Resources Available and Deployed
  5. Commission Structure
  6. Data Available to Evaluate Profitability
  7. Companywide Profitability Metrics

Using this approach, we’ve produced some amazing results for our clients:

  • Advertiser A: Removed bad-behaving search affiliates and replaced that revenue a full six months ahead of projections
  • Advertiser B: Added new affiliates and increased optimization efforts to reduce contribution of coupon affiliates by 30%
  • Advertiser C: Saved $150,000 in affiliate commissions through auditing of search partners
  • Advertiser D: Removed $2.5 million of non-channel revenue and replaced with in-channel revenue
  • Advertiser E: Focused much of our placement budget on loyalty affiliates, specifically mobile sites and applications that yielded a 66% higher return than other placements
  • Advertiser F: Influencer campaign increased total affiliate channel revenue by 400%—140% ROI—with 100% being new customers
  • Advertiser G: A large Canadian retailer realized 28% of its total eCommerce volume through the affiliate channel in the first year

Proven Best Practices

Throughout our 20 years of growing apparel and fashion affiliate programs, we’ve identified a number of best practices unique to this category. We apply these insights to craft, manage and optimize our clients’ affiliate programs.

  1. Managing budget spend according to a daily, weekly and monthly forecast
  2. Using commission efficiently to allow for productive placements within the client’s budget
  3. Merchandising by calendar
  4. Merchandising by affiliate
  5. Competitor offer tracking and distribution inside the client
  6. Evaluating and tracking the performance of consumer offers
  7. Ensuring adequate white space and promoting within that
  8. Managing AOV
  9. Ensuring network and analytics numbers match as closely as possible
  10. Managing seasonal promotion and merchandising

We know apparel and fashion retail affiliate programs—and we’re ready to leverage that proven experience to help your brand succeed online. Let the JEBCommerce team and our six-step system deliver a program that’s vibrant, healthy, efficient, productive and profitable. Contact us at gethelp@jebcommerce to get started now.