Black Friday and Cyber Monday Get a Lift In Sales

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales Lift

Case Study
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Discover how JEBCommerce used proactive marketing strategies, constant communication and leveraged relationships to ensure Black Friday and Cyber Monday were a success for all of our clients.

Client Success Stories

Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Few words inspire more excitement and anticipation in Ecommerce retailers, and for good reason. Data shows that these mega-shopping days continue to drive significant sales, with Cyber Monday revenues topping more than $3B in 2015. But with this potential comes a formidable challenge: today’s retailers must find new, creative ways to stand out in a sea of competitors with alluring promotions and ample online advertising budgets.

At JEBCommerce, we helped our savvy online retailers capitalize on Black Friday and Cyber Monday in big ways. Here’s a look at our strategy, and the year-over-year (YOY) sales lift, we helped six JEBCommerce clients achieve in 2015.

Top Online Jeweler

JEBCommerce helped this thriving jewelry site use paid placements to boost YOY sales 22% on Black Friday and 32% on Cyber Monday.

By securing high-visibility placements in the right channels (banners and above-the-fold spots in newsletters, coupon pages and co-branded landing pages), we broadened the brand’s audience and incentivized shoppers with impressive deals customized for each placement.

Notable National Retailer

You often hear that “communication is key.” In this case, it really was. By sharing its Black Friday/Cyber Monday budget and promotions three months ahead of time, this national retailer gave JEBCommerce the lead-time we needed to secure quality placements at the best rates. We shifted our strategy slightly from last year to focus more on mobile, as today’s shoppers are spending Black Friday with their families, not sitting at their computer.

Combined, our mobile-centric approach and prime placements drove a 72% YOY increase in Black Friday sales and a 66% uptick in mobile sales. And it didn’t hurt that 2015’s promotions were much more enticing to shoppers: 50% off site wide and a special “$25 and Under” sale.

Planning Results in Significant Growth for Cyber Monday and Black Friday

Western Clothing Company

How does an online retailer with little budget compete on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? By having a resourceful partner like JEBCommerce on their side. With little advance knowledge of promotions, our team followed the client’s newsletter closely to note their sales trends — and took the initiative to create our own offers.

Once approved by this western clothing brand, we promoted the sales through our affiliates. The result: a 29% YOY sales increase on Black Friday.

Motorcycle Gear Retailer

No matter how you look at it, this retailer had an awesome Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with 95% and 142% YOY increases, respectively. Although this boost occurred on two days, we view this success as a reflection of the due diligence and work we conduct year-round.

Without a placements budget, our team got creative and leveraged the close affiliate relationships we had already built by offering loyalty incentive campaigns and increased commission levels that boosted sales.

Huge Increases in Sales for Cyber Monday and Black Friday

Luxury Watch Retailer

This luxury watch retailer typically avoids promotions, so JEBCommerce was thrilled when it told us early on that it would run a Black Friday special: “free shipping on all orders.” With plenty of lead-time, JEBCommerce was able to get the word out through our networks early and execute this promotion effectively — resulting in a 160% uptick in Black Friday sales from the previous year.

Renowned Shoe Brand

This online shoe retailer saw a 28% YOY sales increase on Black Friday and 108% on Cyber Monday. The driving forces? Impressive deals, a key placement on RetailMeNot, and a solid execution plan. With ample lead-time and more enticing sales, JEBCommerce was able to build buzz and secure affiliate placements that gave this business a big boost.


At JEBCommerce, we take a personal approach to helping each online retailer drive sales. But despite the differences, there’s a common thread in these six Black Friday/Cyber Monday success stories: By combining clear client communication with our affiliate marketing expertise, our team turned holiday promotions into quantifiable sales lift for leading Ecommerce retailers.