Speck YouTube Advertising

Case Study
in Brief

See how JEBCommerce used targeted pre-roll YouTube video ads to drive top-of-funnel awareness for Speck at the lowest cost.

Company Bio

Speck products is a leading phone and laptop case retailer. Since 2001 Speck has been creating award-winning cases using creative design while offering military grade protection. Speck came to JEBCommerce in July of 2016 looking for affiliate management services.

A month into the relationship, our paid search team had an idea to drive more brand awareness leading up to the release of the iPhone7 and Speck jumped at the chance to get their brand in front of a wider audience.

For a complete list of Speck products, we invite you to check out their site.

The Test

The whole goal with targeted marketing is to put it in front of the people that will appreciate it the most. This is the main difference between broadcast media and targeted online advertising – we get to dial things in further and further as time goes on, because we get to see the data of who’s actually responding to the ads.

When most people hear PPC they think of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. However, YouTube is the second largest search engine; processing over 3 Billion search queries per month. YouTube also has deep analytics insights.

YouTube pre-roll ads allow you to target customers by selecting ads that only appear in videos from a specific set of keywords. This leads to more targeted top-of-funnel brand awareness. We wanted to run a test to see if displaying these ads on YouTube would be a cost-effective way to get in front of their target audience.

At launch, we targeted “iPhone7” and “iPhone7 case,” but we discovered additional demographic trends as the campaign developed. Our team learned that certain demographics were watching more of the ad than others. We made adjustments based on age, gender and parental status to improve results over the life of the campaign.

The Results

In our 30-day test, we generated over 50,000 impressions. Of those 50,000 roughly 20% viewed the ad from start to finish. Non-targeted YouTube pre-roll ads on average yield a 5% play-through rate. Our targeted approach yielded a 4X increase in average pre-roll play-through rates.

YouTube remains an untapped market. Unlike traditional television ads, YouTube pre-roll ads allow us to target certain audiences. By targeting keywords and interests we find the audience is more engaged with our ads. By targeting Speck’s ideal customer we’ve increased the play-through to 20% at a cost of $0.09 cents per view.