Season 01 / Episode 034

Affiliate Marketing, the wage gap, the importance of flexibility and more with Julia Hochstein of Zoro

With Julia Hochstein - Senior Affiliate Marketing Manager,

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Today I get to talk to long time industry vet, and Senior Affiliate Marketing Manager at, Julia Hochstein. Julia started her career in sales at Career Builder and spent some time with some pretty well known brands – Group and Commission Junction. So her experience really speaks for itself and I was super excited to have her on as a guest.

Our topics ranged quite a bit and all of them are gold. Julia had a child pre-COVID and we discuss the differences as a working mom and how important the new found flexibility of WFH was in being a parent and a professional.

We also talked about the wage gap. You definitely want to listen to this section. Julia shared something with me that blew me away and showed how when we start on an inequitable foundation we are building a system that propagates that inequality. Don’t get triggered by what I just wrote, give it a listen and let me know what you think.

Then we dove into affiliate marketing and discussed topics like:

  • We need to stop apologizing for the problems with our channel. SEOs and Paid Search Managers don’t.
  • Characteristics of a great affiliate manager
  • Why it’s important to focus on the audience and not how we feel about a particular category of affiliates
  • The importance of understanding the customer’s path to purchase
  • How consumers are using loyalty, cash back, and coupon sites to augment their search or even start their purchasing process

Julia was amazing on this podcast and I’m so glad we had a chance to talk. You can follow her on LinkedIn for more.

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